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Time Based Security by Schwartau 
Intrusion Detection by Amoroso
Fatal Defect by Pterson 
Fundamentals of Computer Security Technology by Amoroso 
Principles of Secure Communication Systems by Torrieri 
Lotus Notes & Domino Architecture Admin and Security by Thomas/Hoyt 
AS/400 Security in a Client/Server Env by Park 
Security, ID Systems and Locks by Konicek/Little 
Security: Guide to Security System Design... by Cumming 
Computer Related Risks by Neumann 
Computer Security Basics by Russell/Gangemi 
Protect Your Privacy on the Internet by Pfaffenberger 
PC and LAN Security by Cobb 
Security in Computing by Pfleeger 
Audit and Control of Data Communications by Winters 
Authentication Systems for Secure Networks by Oppliger 
Secure Computing: Threats and Safeguards by Summers 
Practical Computer Network Security by Hendry 
Who Knows: Safeguarding Your Privacy.. by Cavoukian/Tapscott 
Protection and Security on the Information by Cohen 
Halting the Hacker by Pipkin 
Internet & TCP/IP Network Security by Pabrai/Gurbani 
Internet Security: Risk Analysis.. by Kyas 
Security in Distributed Computing by Bruce/Dempsey 
Network Security: Private Communication... by Kaufman 
Network Security for Business by Bernstein 
Enterprise Security by Kabay 
Network and Internetwork Security by Stallings 
Computer System and Network Security by White/Fisch/Pooch 
Computer Security Handbook by Hutt/Bosworth/Hoyt 
Lan Times Guide to Security and Data Integrity by Farlye 
Secure Data Networking by Purser 
Network Security by Shaffer/Simon 
Network Security in the 90s by Madron 
Netware Security by Steen/Bierer 
Network Security by Baker 
Introduction to Internet Security by Howard 
E-Mail Security by Schneier 
Internet Security Secrets by Vacca 
Securing Home and Business by Hakim 
Electronic Protection & Security Systems by Honey 
Corporate Espionage by Winkler 
Intranet Security: Stories from the Inside by McCarthy 
Internet Besieged by Denning 
Hacker Proof by Klander 
Secrets of a Super Hacker by Knightmare 
Internet Firewalls and Network Security by Siyan/Hare 
Firewalls and Internet Security by Cheswick/Bellovin 
Building Internet Firewalls by Chapman/Zwicky 
Protecting Your Web Site with Firewalls by Goncalves 
Unix System Security by Farrow 
Unix System Security Essentials by Braun 
Practical Unix & Internet Security by Garfinkel/Spafford 
Secure Unix by Samalin 
Cyber Crime by Quarantiello 
Investigating Computer Crime by Clark/Diliberto 
Fighting Computer Crime by Parker 
Web Security Sourcebook by Rubin/Geer/Ranum 
Web Security by Woouteiler 
Web Security & Commerce by Garfinkel/Spafford 
Www Security by MacGregor 
Secure Electronic Commerce by Ford/Baum 
From EDI to Electronic Commerce by Sokol 
EDI Security, Control, and Audit by Marcella, Chan
Electronic Commerce by Kalakota/Whinston 
E-Commerce Security by Ghosh 
Disaster Recover Planning by Toigo 
Mission Critical Systems Management by Lirov 
Safety-Critical Computer Systems by Storey 
Security Management by Dalton 
Computer Security Management by Forcht 
Windows NT Security: Programming... by Okunstseff 
PCWeek Windows NT Security by Lambert/Patel/Sutton
Windows NT Security Guide by Sutton 
Windows NT Server4 Security Handbook by Hadfield
Windows NT Security Handbook by Sheldon 
Windows NT Security by Rutstein 
Short Course on Computer Viruses by Cohen 
Kerberos: A Network Authentication System by Tung
Decrypted Secrets by Bauer 
Internet Cryptography by Smith 
The Electronic Privacy Papers by Schneier 
Cryptography: The Science of Secret Writing by Smith 
Cryptography: Theory and Practice by Stinson 
Applied Cryptography by Schneier 
PGP: Pretty Good Privacy by Garfinkel 
Network Intrusion Detection by Northcutt
Internet Security with Windows NT by Edwards
Securing Java by McGraw/Felten
Computer Security by Gollman

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