Computer Viruses

Computer Virus Handbook by Levin 

Short Course on Computer Viruses by Cohen 

The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses  by Ludwig

The Virus Creation Labs by Smith

Bigelow's Computer Virus Pocket Reference by Mayo

Bigelow's Virus Troubleshooting Pocket Reference by Dunham

Debugging Asp : Troubleshooting for Programmers by Kandler

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Virus Proof : The Ultimate Guide to Protedting Your PC 
by Phil Schmauder 
Like biological viruses, computer viruses can spread quickly and are often difficult to get rid of without causing damage. Virus Proof: The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your System provides key steps you should take to protect your system from these destructive viruses. Inside you will learn how to recover data that is lost as a result of a virus, what common viruses do, and how they spread. Virus Proof is an excellent resource for any computer user, from the beginner to the expert.

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Fatal Defect : Chasing Killer Computer Bugs - by Ivars Peterson 
Ivars Peterson describes dozens and dozens of hoary computer bugs and gives biographical sketches of the bug detectives who located and fixed them. This book, which reads like a novel, is both entertaining and informative. Many of the bugs that Peterson discusses are not in computer programs per se but in the human systems that run and operate the computers. 

Anti-Virus Tools and Techniques for Computer Systems (Advanced Computing and Telecommunications Series)
by W. Timothy Polk, John P. Wack, Lawrence E. Bassham, Lisa Carnahan

Virus Protection for Windows Systems - by Roger Grimes

The Computer Virus Crisis 
by Philip Fites, Peter Johnston, Martin Kratz, Phillip E. Fites 
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