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Web Security: A Step-by-Step Reference Guide 
by Lincoln D. Stein 
A reference guide for Webmasters, IS managers, and network and system administrators, this title is for those who are currently maintaining a site and need information on how to make it secure. Also covered are the risks and security solutions associated with implementing Intranet services on a Web site, including http, conferencing, email, ftp, and news gateways. . 

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Web Security Sourcebook
by Aviel D. Rubin, Daniel Geer, Marcus J. Ranum 
A serious security sourcebook for Web professionals and users.
The front door is unlocked and wide open. The alarm's not working and no one's home. All of your valuables, money, and intimate details of your life are just sitting inside, waiting to be taken. No, it's not your house . . . it's your computer.
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