Quotations On Atheism

  • I should like to see a man sober in his habits, moderate, chaste, just in his dealings, assert that there is no God; he would speak at least without interested motives; but such a man is not to be found.—La Bruyère.
  • An Atheist-laugh's a poor exchange for Deity offended! —Burns.
  • The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.—Psalm 14:1.
  • No one is so much alone in the world as a denier of God.—Richter.
  • When men live as if there were no God, it becomes expedient for them that there should be none; and then they endeavor to persuade themselves so.—Tillotson.
  • Atheism is the result of ignorance and pride, of strong sense and feeble reasons, of good eating and ill living.—Jeremy Collier.
  • Atheism can benefit no class of people,—neither the unfortunate, whom it bereaves of hope, nor the prosperous, whose joys it renders insipid.—Chateaubriand.

Kircher, the astronomer, having an acquaintance who denied the existence of a Supreme Being, took the following method to convince him of his error. Expecting him on a visit, he placed a handsome celestial globe in a part of the room where it could not escape the notice of his friend, who, on observing it, inquired whence it came, and who was the maker. 

"It was not made by any person," said the astronomer. 

"That is impossible," replied the sceptic; "you surely jest." 

Kircher then took occasion to reason with his friend upon his own   atheistical principles, explaining to him that he had adopted this plan with a design to show him the fallacy of his scepticism.

"You will not," said he, "admit that this small body originated in mere chance, and yet you contend that those heavenly bodies, to which it bears only a faint and diminutive resemblance, came into existence without author or design."

He pursued this chain of reasoning till his friend was totally confounded, and cordially acknowledged the absurdity of his notions.

By night an atheist half believes a God.—Young.