Quotations On Courage

  • The conscience of every man recognizes courage as the foundation of manliness, and manliness as the perfection of human character. —Thomas Hughes.
To struggle when hope is banished!
To live when life's salt is gone!
To dwell in a dream that's vanished!
To endure, and go calmly on!
The brave man is not he who feels no fear,
For that were stupid and irrational;
But he, whose noble soul its fear subdues,
And bravely dares the danger nature shrinks from.
—Joanna Baillie.
  • Much danger makes great hearts most resolute.—Marston.
  • Courage consists not in blindly overlooking danger, but in seeing it and conquering it.—Richter.
  • The truest courage is always mixed with circumspection; this being the quality which distinguishes the courage of the wise from the hardiness of the rash and foolish.—Jones of Nayland.
  • Physical courage, which despises all danger, will make a man brave in one way; and moral courage, which despises all opinion, will make a man brave in another. The former would seem most necessary for the camp, the latter for council; but to constitute a great man, both are necessary.—Colton.
  • True courage is cool and calm. The bravest of men have the least of a brutal bullying insolence, and in the very time of danger are found the most serene and free. Rage, we know, can make a coward forget himself and fight. But what is done in fury or anger can never be placed to the account of courage.—Shaftesbury.

A valiant man
Ought not to undergo or tempt a danger,
But worthily, and by selected ways;
He undertakes by reason, not by chance.
—Ben Jonson.

  • He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he that loses his courage loses all.—Cervantes.