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Love & Sex

To keep your sex life as interesting as when you first fell in love, you'll have to get naked emotionally!

Knowing how to be intimate isn't something we're born with. We have to learn it like everything else, but it's worth the trouble. When couples get naked emotionally and express their true eroticism sex gets sexier. 

Long-term relationships provide the most powerful way to discover how to be sexually intimate and how to experience truly great sex.

According to sex terapists, couples can stroke the sexual fires and enjoy the same delights as the newly-in-love once they realize it takes special tending, self-awereness and a letting go of outmoded notions about sex.

You have to push past the fear of rejection to be sexually innovative!

It's frightening to expose yourself emotionally, to tell the truth about your sexualwishes and deepest feelings. It explains why many people pretend not to mind when sex starts to wane, why they don't rock the boat. The longer you stay in relationship, the scarier it gets because your partner becomes increasingly important - so it gets harder and harder to do something that risks that person's rejection. In the end, unsatisfied lovers often clam up because they're afraid that talking about it might make matters worse. You have to push past that to be sexually innovative and intimate.

There are legions of people who have been shamed and humiliated out of their sexual wishes. Tell him/her how you really feel, then offer an alternative, something that turns you on.

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