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Humor & Jokes About Relationships

Bell System

A fireman and his wife were bored with their sex life, so he tries to think of ways fuel the fire. 

One day at the fire house he's thinking about the "bell system." The way the bell system at the firehouse works, when bell one rings, they all run out to the trucks. On bell two, they gear up. On bell three they jump on the trucks and head to the fire. 

The fireman goes home and tells his wife: "Honey, I know what we can do to spruce up our sex life!" 


"Use the bell system like at the firehouse, but a little different. 

When I call 'bell one', you run into the bedroom. When I call 'bell two', you take your clothes off, and when I call 'bell three', hop on the bed and we'll do it." 

The next evening he comes home hollering, "Bell one!" and she runs into the bedroom. He hollers, "Bell two!" and she takes her clothes off. He yells, "Bell three!" and she hops on the bed and he hops on her. 

While they're mingling, she yells, "Bell four! Bell four!" 

Husband asks, "What the hell's ‘bell four'?" 

"More hose! More hose! You're nowhere near the fire!"


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