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Sudoku puzzles are easy to learn logic puzzles. Using logical reasoning appropriate to his/her age, your child will decide how to place numbers into a Sudoku grid, your child does not need mathematical skills to solve the puzzles. Sudoku puzzles develop logic, reasoning skills and brainpower.

There is only one correct answer for each puzzle, and no guessing is necessary. The more puzzles they do, the better they become (typically about 30 minutes to complete one puzzle). 

Sudoku puzzles are perfect for classroom use, as time-fillers for children who finish early, as whole class activity, or as "homework". They are also perfect for journeys, waiting rooms, and rainy afternoons!

Sudoku puzzles were first published in the US in the 1970s and are sometimes known as "Number Squares". They have been popular for many years in Japan, where the name "Sudoku" (meaning "single number") was coined. The current craze was started late in 2004 when a UK newspaper started publishing the puzzles. 

Sudoku for Kids gives you 120 fun, graded Sudoku puzzles for kids - available for instant download designed for printing - for only $6.95! That's less than 7 cents a puzzle and you can be printing and enjoying Sudoku puzzles with your children within minutes! CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!

Sudoku download offers many advantages over the Sudoku books available in paperback format:

  • With a paperback book, only one child can be using it at a time. 
  • You can print out just one or two puzzles, or print the whole lot ready for when you need them. 
  • Print multiple copies of each puzzle so that more than one child can try the puzzle at the same time which is perfect for family or classroom use. 
  • Choose to print 1 or 2 puzzles per page. 
  • Choose to print in draft or greyscale mode to save on printer ink. Order Now!


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