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Canada Tourism-The official site of the Canadian Tourism Commission

Canada - Essentials Entry Requirements

Canadian City Guide

Canadian Amusement & Theme Parks - If you are looking for fun & excitement in amusement parks our directory is your ticket to the big time.

Canadian Festivals & Events Info Page - Bring the whole family & enjoy exciting events in beautiful Canada

Directory Of Canadian Attractions - Enjoy Canadian major attraction action! 

The Goods on Nunavut

The Nunavut Voyages Of Martin Frobisher
Government Nunavut - The Nunavut Government Info

Nunavut Tourism - Explore Nunavut Tourism Official Site

Iqaluit - The capital of Nunavut. It is also the largest community within Nunavut. The population's approximately 4,200. 

Artic Travel - Discover the Inuit, the indigenous people who for countless years have called Nunavut home.

Nunavut Maps - On April 1, 1999, the Northwest Territories split in two, the eastern portion became Nunavut.

Nunavut Destinations Info - All kinds of places to go, people to see, and things to do.

Nunavut Territorial Parks - Take advantage of the possibilities and experience the fun, fascination and freedom of Nunavut and the many parks therein.

Find Out About Nunavut - Nunavut means "Our Land" in Inuktitut, the Inuit language.

Welcome to Nunavut Page - Find out more about Territory of Nunavut and the finalization of the historic land claim settlement between the Nunavut Inuit and the Government of Canada.

Canada Far North Web Page

Nunavut.com - Tourism - Tourism is an increasingly important part of Nunavut economy.

Hall Beach, Nunavut - The FIRST Canadian Arctic Community Page on the Web!

South Baffin Region of Nunavut 

Tununiq Travel and Adventure

Search the Nunavut Business Directory

Create Nunavut Postcard

Polar Pilots - A group of six private and student pilots who promote recreational flying across the southern half of Baffin Island in Canada's Northwest Territories.

O Canada Expeditions - Journeys of a Lifetime

Nunavut Fast Facts

Information Sheets On Nunavut 
Travel Books & Guides

Nunavut Handbook: Traveling in Canada's Arctic by M. Soubliee, J. Amagoalik (Introduction)
Click here for more info
Authored largely by Nunavut writers, is the world's most comprehensive travel guide book to the Canadian Arctic. In addition to vital travel info, the book includes extensive cultural & historical accounts of the Inuit inhabitants, their extraordinary land claim, and new this year, a political section that explains the structure of Canada's newest territorial government, and summarizes the roles of Nunavut's land claims and other organizations. 

A Naturalist's Guide to the Arctic by E.C.. Pielou 

Frozen Land : Vanishing Cultures (Vanishing Cultures) by Jan Reynolds 

Canada North : Journey to the High Arctic (Touring North America) by J. K. Stager, Henry Swain, Harry Swain (Contributor) 

Other Books & Guides

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