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The national anthem of the Republic of Croatia is "Lijepa nasa domovino" ("Our Beautiful Homeland"). The author of the lyrics is Antun Mihanovic. The lyrics were first printed in Danica ("The Morning Star") magazine in 1835, under the title "Hrvatska domovina" ("Croatian Homeland"). It became the Croatian anthem under the name "Lijepa nasa" ("Our Beautiful"). Josip Runjanin wrote the score to Mihanovic's lyrics during his service in Glina in 1846. V. Lichtenegger harmonized and wrote down Runjanin's score in 1861.

The song was first sang as the national anthem in 1891, at an exibition held by the Croatian-Slavonian Economic Society in Zagreb.

The lyrics of the anthem of the Republic of Croatia follow (translated by Profikon):

                Our Beautiful Homeland

                Beautiful is our homeland,
                O so fearless, o so gracious,
                Our fathers' ancient glory,
                May God bless you, live forever!

                You are our only glory,
                You are our only treasure,
                Yes, we love your plains and valleys,
                Yes, we love your hills and mountains.

                Sava, Drava, keep on flowing,
                Danube, do not lose your vigor,
                Deep blue sea go tell the whole world,
                That a Croat loves his homeland.

                When his fields are kissed by sunshine,
                When his oaks are whipped by wild winds,
                When his dear ones go to heaven,
                Still his heart beats for Croatia!                              

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