Hrvatsko Zagorje

Zagorje A Green Cradle

If you were looking for a man-appropriate place for living, far away from industrial and urban complexity of the world we all live in, you surely would choose Zagorje. It is an oasis of preserved nature, greenery and water, clean air and mild and healthy thermal springs.

Cultural heritage of feudalism has on this area been marked with a harmony between architecture of numerous "burghs" and castles and idyllicism of nature. Stories and legends connected with them give to the spiritual climate of Zagorje an aureole of mysticism radiating from the past into the present time.

Geographically, Zagorje is a hilly region, with mild elevations and wonderful views. Even those who is their everyday life  get to completely forget the amazing meaning of true beauty, when they climb the Zagorje hills, feel and exalted joy. This is why Zagorje peaks are the spots where chapels and tiny churches are placed, artistically made in gothic and baroque style, proving extraordinary sophistication of old artisans who knew how to give beauty to insignificant objects. These places are most frequently the votive places of the people grateful for the goods they obtained through their prayers.

"Our soul is the Zagorje region", said A.G.Matos, traveling through Zagorje. And the souls of people from Zagorje have really become one with their country it is their starting point, their life endeavors, their joys, holidays, sadness and their end. "It's there where the land will rock you as if you were a baby; in that green cradle your homeland is asleep" (D. Britvic). A traditional Zagorje house, which has organically grown into its surroundings, is safeguarding the simplicity of life, intact quietus and slower rhythm of life. Nowadays, rural tourism, incorporating production and preparation of healthy food and home-made specialties, revives the forgotten qualities of life and offers them to visitors. On the hills and in vineyard cottages, where tasty wine is made, songs resound, sung is a very special, 'Zagorje' dialect. Numerous manifestations held in Zagorje towns and villages tend to keep Zagorje in our thoughts, protecting it from being forgotten. Once upon the time people used to live differently, even better that's what our old folks would say, and we, anticipating such a living, aim at its revival and at giving it a joyful sense in the form of an uninterrupted continuity of man, nature and culture being one.

Marija Lamot

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