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Sean Connery - James Bond Movies
Dr. No (Special Edition) 
(1963) DVD
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The first in the long string of James Bond pictures and considered by many to be the best. Sean Connery stars as the super British secret service agent "007", dispatched to Jamaica in order to penetrate a mad scientist's secret laboratory. The mysterious Dr. No has been using a nuclear device to disrupt rocket launchings out of Cape Canaveral and it's up to Bond to stop him. 
From Russia With Love 
(1963) VHS
The second James Bond is considered by many fans to be the best of them all. Certainly Sean Connery was never better as the dashing Agent 007, whose latest mission takes him to Istanbul to retrieve a top-secret Russian decoding machine. His efforts are thwarted when he gets romantically distracted by a sexy Russian double agent (Daniela Bianchi), and is tracked by a lovely assassin (Lotte Lenya) with switchblade shoes, and by a crazed killer (Robert Shaw), who clashes with Bond during the film's dazzling climax aboard the Orient Express.
Sean Connery - Other Movies
Goldfinger (1964) DVD
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Only Sean Connery can believably seduce women so effortlessly, kill with almost as much ease, and then pull another bottle of Dom Perignon '53 out of the fridge. Goldfinger contains many of the most memorable scenes in the Bond series: gorgeous Shirley Eaton (as Jill Masterson) coated in gold paint by evil Auric Goldfinger and deposited in Bond's bed; silent Oddjob, flipping a razor-sharp derby like a Frisbee to sever heads; our hero spread-eagle on a table while a laser beam moves threateningly toward his crotch.
Diamonds Are Forever 
(1971) VHS
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Connery is back in the seventh Bond film and the first to utilize American locations. Bond follows diamond smugglers to Las Vegas where a Howard Hughes-like millionaire appears to be using them in a deadly space weapon. Academy Award Nominations: Best Sound
Thunderball (1965) DVD
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The fourth film in the Bond series finds the super spy battling a powerful organization named S.P.E.C.T.R.E, which has threatened to destroy Miami with an atomic weapon unless a huge ransom is paid. Plenty of gimmicks, Oscar-winning special effects and amazing bond girls. Academy Award Nominations: Best Special Visual Effects.
Never Say Never Again 
(1983) DVD
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Connery, as suave as ever, returns to the role that made him an international star. This time Bond must stop a power hungry madman who attempts to extort the world's major governments in a story that revisits "Thunderball."
You Only Live Twice (1967) VHS
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Classic James Bond thriller set in the Orient in which the suave super-spy does battle with an evil mastermind whose goal is world domination brought about by war between the super powers. Screenplay by Roald Dahl. 
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