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Disney's Animated Classics 1

Enjoy the beauty of animation in full force!
Pinocchio (Gold 
Classic Collection)
Pinocchio is among the most magical, mythical, frightening and timeless animated cartoon feature to come from the studio in its long history. 
Based on the Collodi story about an inquisitive, tale-spinning wooden puppet who wants more than anything else to become a real boy. 
A number of scenes make permanent impressions on young minds and the songs can't be beat. 
Aladdin (Special 
Platinum Edition)
Disney's 1992 animated feature is a triumph of wit and skill. The high-tech artwork and graphics look great, the characters are strong, the familiar story is nicely augmented with an interesting villain (Jafar, voiced by Jonathan Freeman), and there's an incredible hook atop the whole thing: Robin Williams's frantically hilarious vocal performance as Aladdin's genie.
101 Dalmatians
Pongo and Perdita are two lonely dalmatians who meet cute in a London park and arrange for their pet humans to marry so they can live together and raise a family. They become proud parents of 15 pups, who are stolen by the dastardly Cruella De Vil, who wants to make a fur coat out of them. Cruella has become the most popular villain in all of Disney; she's flamboyantly nasty and lots of fun.
The Jungle Book
Disney's animated feature freely adapted from Rudyard Kipling's stories and great actors help create some vivid characterizations in this easygoing film. A fun for the whole family.
The Little Mermaid
A true Disney masterpiece!
Based on Hans Christian Andersen story about a young mermaid who yearns to "spend a day, warm on the sand," Ariel trades her voice to Ursula, the Sea Witch for a pair of legs. Ariel can only succeed if she receives true love's kiss in a few day's time and she needs all the help she can from a singing crab named Sebastian, a loudmouth seagull, and a flounder. The lyrics and music by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken are top form and they advance the story.
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The Lion King

(Disney Special Platinum Edition)
The Lion King 1 1/2
The Lion King 2

Simba's Pride (2-Disc Special Edition)
Cinderella (2-Disc 
Special Edition)

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Walt Disney Animated Anthology - The Classic Collector's Set