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Disney's Sing Along Songs

Sing, dance, and play along with your favorite Disney songs. Sing along to the happiest songs on Earth!


Sing with your favorite stars in Disney Sing It, a video-based karaoke game that features a mix of popular fan-faves and the hottest Disney talents. It features songs and videos from Disney Channel's summer blockbuster along with other Disney favorites, including Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana and more. You can belt out to some of today's chart topping tunes and have a blast along with your friends and Disney stars. If you're a little shy about singing, or waiting your turn, pick up the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck, and move them to the beat to accompany the singers with percussion instruments like a snare drum, tambourine, cowbell, and more.

The revolution continues featuring your favorite Disney characters and dance mixes of popular Disney tunes. Heat up the dance floor as you move to the groove.

Sing, dance, and play along with your favorite Disney songs! It's fun and easy as you read the on-screen lyrics and join your favorite characters in their most memorable musical moments! Sing along to the happiest songs on earth at the happiest place on earth -- Disneyland! Your host, Mr. Owl, invites you to celebrate a musical day with all your favorite Disney friends. Join Mickey and Minnie for fun and thrills as they hustle and bustle behind the scenes at the park! Then get a front-row seat on some of the wildest rides, like Star Tours, Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn, with Chip 'n' Dale, Roger Rabbit, and a Magic Kingdom filled with sing-along adventures.