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Little Bear Selections

From the popular books by Else Holmelund Minarik and Maurice Sendak, this gentle, loving and calming animated collection of children's stories are a wonderful thing in todays fast paced world. The stories have such charm, they BECOME family "folklore". "Little Bear" is one of the best children's shows on television.

The Little Bear tales are wonderful viewing for your little ones. Great family viewing, nothing scary or negative. Each vignette has a very nice story that shows much love between Little Bear and his Mother. They also show the great friendships he has with his animal neighbors.


When Little Bear goes on a camping and fishing trip, kindergarten skills are the catch of the day! More than 50 engaging activities bring Little Bear's adventure to life, nurturing curiosity and imagination in every child.

Now you can join Little Bear for an exciting day of indoor activities for a rainy day, or any day. You'll have hours of fun playing over 100 activities designed to strengthen creativity, thinking, and memory skills. You can decorate scenes from Little Bear's world with stickers, dress up Little Bear and his friends with fun clothes and accessories, and solve the puzzle to reveal pictures of Little Bear and his world. Other activities include matching Little Bear characters to develop memory skills, measuring ingredients, cutting out shapes, and decorating cookies. There are also over 40 printable activities that allow you to create your own pictures, cards, and puzzles.

Little Bear and Father Bear go camping and encounter another young bear named Cub. When Little Bear learns that Cub has lost his parents he decides to help Cub find them. And of course, Owl, Hen, Cat and Duck join in the search party too! Along the way, Little Bear, Cub and Duck get separated from the others and must spend the night in the wilderness. When the morning comes they continue the search for Cub’s parents in a place very different from Little Bear’s world.