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DVD Selections - Experience Canada

The Valley of Eagles 
(1997) VHS
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This documentary is truly a natural spectacle brimming with rugged grandeur and amazing wildlife. Marvel at the largest gathering of bald eagles in North America. Availability: On Order; usually ships within 1-2 weeks.
Nanook of the North 
(1922) VHS
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In 1920, exploring American anthropologist Robert J. Flaherty traveled alone, with camera in hand, to the remote Canadian tundra. There, for over a year, he lived with Eskimos, documenting their daily lives and returning to his editing studio with the raw footage. The result of his rigorous study was groundbreaking; with Nanook of the North, Flaherty pioneered both a new cinematic genre, the narrative documentary, and created a timeless drama of human perseverance under the harshest of conditions. 
Cruising America's Waterways: 1000 Islands - U.S. 
& Canadian Ports

There are actually more than 1000 islands here and their presence offers a unique boating experience on one of America's major rivers.
The Greatest Journeys on Earth: Canada Journeys through 
the Rockies
On Top of the World - Canada (1994) VHS
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Video Visits 
- Discovering Canada
Touring Canada's National Park
Flight of the Sky Hawks (1995)
Canada From Coast to Coast
Canada (1992) VHS
Destination Canada VHS
Experience Canada VHS
The North Face VHS
Fishing Canada Hot Spots VHS
Sudden Exposure (1969) VHS
World War II-Canada at War
Everest - Climb for Hope VHS

Canadian Rocky Mountain Wildlife (1997)
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World Class Trains: The Royal Canadian Pacific DVD
A journey on the Royal Canadian Pacific is not just a journey through the spectacular and dramatic Canadian landscape, but also a journey back through time in the footsteps of Kings and Queens, back to a more genteel age, a Golden Age of travel, when nothing was too much trouble. 
Discovering Canada By Rail 
Vol 01-04 (1999) VHS
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You are about to explore some of the greatest rail adventures in the world as you travel along Canada's famous "ribbons of steel".
Last Train Across 
Canada -  VHS
Veteran war correspondent Murray Sayle journeys west across Canada at a time when sections of the country's "national dream" - its vast transcontinental railroad - faced extinction. In his 7,000-mile adventure, Sayle discovers Mounties, moose and a colorful assortment of railroad men and women. He also shares glimpses of a lesser-known Canada - fishermen of the Maritime provinces, Indian settlements on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, polar bears frolicking and cowboys in the prairies - all loosely linked by the now resurgent transcontinental railway. 
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