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DVD Selections - Canadian Movies

Made In Canada
Experience Canada
Red Green
Michael Moore

Exotica (1995) DVD
Exotica is less about stripping than about fragile human relationships, and it is not until the truly revelatory final scene that we are able to fully absorb the film's deeper meaning. 
--Bryan Reesman 
eXistenZ (1999) DVD
Fans of Cronenberg's work will recognize his recurring themes and will eat this up. Others will find its shallow characterizations and near-incomprehensible plot twists a little tedious. --Jerry Renshaw 
Black Robe (1991) VHS
Black Robe chronicles the journey of Father Laforgue (Lothaire Blutheau) as he leaves his Jesuit brothers and, with the aid of a young translator and guide, Daniel (Aden Young), and eight canoes of Algonquin Indians, moves into the uncompromising Canadian northern territory on a die-hard mission to convert the natives. Mixing elements of Michael Mann's The Last of the Mohicans and Roland Joffé's The Mission, Beresford offers a restless tale of Laforgue's conflicted faith juxtaposed against the sublime spiritual harmony with the land that the Huron and Algonquin already hold. Black Robe dances to its own drummer and is tuned into the precarious balance between nature's mystery and spirit and the strident, unyielding religious ethic. The cinematography by Peter James is relentlessly cruel and bleak, but it absolutely conveys the obstacles that face the idealistic and blind young priest, who by the end, has faced his own awakening. The film also features one of the late, great composer Georges Delerue's most noble scores. 
--Paula Nechak 
Moonshine Highway 
(1996) VHS
Attention to detail is stunning,as the viewer is transported back in time to a back-woods struggle between family tradition, stormy relationships, personal pride, federal law. Classic rock-a-billy music from the Sun Record studio accompanies this vintage look at the emotions and reckless courage behind a dangerous battle to stop the flow of white lightning, once and for all, and the price that had to be paid. 
Curse of the Lost Gold Mine (1995) VHS
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This is a great video! You will be treated to an exciting and entertaining family adventure which combines the mystique of a lost treasure hunt, the intrigue of famous Indian legends and the majestic beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

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