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Movie Selections - Made in Canada

Leonard Maltins Animation Favorites From The National Film Board Of Canada - VHS
Leonard Maltin, animation aficionado of Entertainment Tonight fame, selects some of his favorite animation from the National Film Board of Canada's vast library. For more than 50 years, the Film Board has produced original, thoughtful and entertaining animation for all ages. So get ready for some of the most exciting, challenging and funny animation ever made! 
Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night (1998) DVD
A wonderful way to communicate the meaning of Christmas.
Pocahontas - The Legend
(1995) VHS
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Far From Home: 
The Adventures of Yellow Dog (1994) VHS
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Black Robe (1991) DVD
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The Boys of St. Vincent 
(1994) VHS
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Based on a true case that scandalized Canada, this film takes place in two halves. The first, set in the mid-1970s, deals with a Catholic orphanage, run by Brother Lavin (Henry Czerny), who doesn't have the boys' best interest at heart. Rather, he uses them to fuel his own sick sexual desires, becoming a predator in a priest's collar, making an indelible mark on 10-year-old boys. And he's not the only one (just the most vicious). Cut to 1990: One of the now-grown boys comes forward to accuse Lavin and face him in court. But Lavin is now married and the father of two boys -- and the church continues to deny that any impropriety occurred. This is strong stuff, with the emotional pain almost harder to take than the shadowy scenes of sexual abuse--but the latter are upsetting as well. Originally made for Canadian TV but released in American theaters. --Marshall Fine 

Last Night (1998) DVD
The Boys (1998) DVD
Whiskers (1997) VHS
Screamers (1996) DVD
Screamers (1996) VHS
First Degree (1995) DVD
Outer Limits, The - Sandkings
Exotica (1994) DVD
Johnny Mnemonic (1995) DVD
Snake Eater (1989) VHS
Joshua Then and Now VHS
Videodrome (1983) DVD
Videodrome (1983) VHS
Quest for Fire (1982) VHS
Rubberface (1981) VHS
The Changeling (1979) VHS
Dan Candy's Law (1973) VHS
Curse of the Lost Gold Mine
The Boys Club (1997) DVD
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A trio of 13 year-old boys are taken hostage when a gun-wielding psycho turns their clubhouse into a prison. Great movie with true friendship on test and a movie you can relate to.
The Sweet Hereafter 
(1997) DVD
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A small British Columbia Community comes to grips with a devastating school bus crash that kills most of the town's children. A metropolitan attorney (Ian Holm) travels to town where 14 children have been killed to prepare a class-action suit. With sensitivity and empathy, he approaches relatives with promises that the suit will give focus and closure to their grief. And as he investigates the circumstances of the accident, he not only uncovers a few local secrets, but dredges up some painful pieces of his own past. 
The Peacekeeper 
(1997) DVD
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Starring: Dolph Lundgren, Roy Scheider. An Air Force hero must act fast to stop a rogue ex-marine who is  threatening to nuke Washington if the U.S. President doesn't kill himself on live TV!
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