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DVD Selections - Michael Moore

The Awful Truth 
- The Complete DVD Set (Seasons 1 & 2) 
The entire first and second seasons of THE AWFUL TRUTH are available now on a four-DVD set. See the adventures of Michael Moore and his People's Democratic Republic as they: bail Crackers out of jail, play "beat the rich," help Joe Camel find a new job, watch Lucianne Goldberg through the LucyCam and much more. In the spirit of his award-winning documentary Roger and Me, Moore combines comedy and non-fiction as he places himself squarely in the middle of today’s most controversial issues and events. 
Canadian Bacon 
(1995) DVD
The premise is that the president (Alda) is so far down in the polls that he has to create a war to bolster his popularity; he picks a fight with Canada, demonizing the bland denizens of the Great White North to the point that a group of Niagara Falls law-enforcement types (led by Candy in one of his final film roles) decides to invade on their own initiative. There are a couple of funny moments (mostly having to do with the propaganda campaign against Canada), but otherwise, a frozen stiff. 
--Marshall Fine
Bowling for Columbine 
(2002) DVD
Michael Moore's superb documentary (following in the footsteps of Roger & Me and The Big One) tackles a meaty subject: gun control. Moore skillfully lays out arguments surrounding the issue and short-circuits them all, leaving one impossible question: why do Americans kill each other more often than people in any other democratic nation? Moore focuses his quest around the shootings at Columbine High School and the shooting of one 6-year-old by another near his own hometown of Flint, Michigan. By approaching the headquarters of K-Mart (where the Columbine shooters bought their ammo) and going to Charlton Heston's own home, Moore demands accountability from the forces that support unrestricted gun sales in the U.S. His arguments are conducted with the humor and empathy that have made Moore more than just a gadfly; he's become a genuine voice of reason in a world driven by fear and greed. --Bret Fetzer
TV Nation, Vol. 2 (1997) VHS
Volume 2 comprises the first show of the Fox run and the "Love Night" episode, as well as a segment, too controversial to be aired, about the Phelps family (revisited during an episode of The Awful Truth), renowned for picketing the funerals of people who've died of AIDS.
The Big One (1998) VHS
Armed only with a camera and a sharp sense of humor, Moore is back in the nation's heartland and searching for an executive -- any executive -- who will respond to one tough question: If Fortune 500 companies are posting record-setting profits, why do they continue laying off thousands of workers? Looking out for the little guy with plenty of laughs along the way, Moore's howlingly funny crusade has resulted in a crowd pleasing motion picture that's big entertainment fun! 
Roger & Me (1989) DVD
Roger and Me is a loose, smart alecky documentary directed and narrated by Michael Moore, an everyman host with a devastating wit and a working-class pose...
--Sean Axmaker
TV Nation, Vol. 1 
(1994) VHS

Funny and important at the same time!

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