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Movie Selections - Red Green

Red Green - A great show for all ages!
Red Green Stuffed and Mounted Six Pack DVD
Each DVD in this box contains EIGHT of the best episodes from The Red Green Show, handpicked by yours truly to prove that good television can be watched over and over. (Or that people our age can’t remember whether they’ve seen something before or not.) That makes 48 episodes of Red Green in all. So don’t think of it as a six-pack. Think of it as two cases.

Red Green's of Cars and Men (1998) VHS
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The spirited favourite Canada's funny men Red Green, presents an hour comedic salute to men's unfailing devotion to their cars. Green, his impossibly nerdy nephew Harold, and other characters from CBC's Red Green Show (which appears in America on PBS) present this tribute to the automobile in their lovably wacky style, which consists of loopy humor and jokes so utterly awful that they're brilliant. 
Red Green - Duct Tape Forever (2002) - DVD
"Whenever a man does a dumb thing," says Red, "it's better if he doesn't have an audience." Well, a lot of eyes are on Red, his geeky nephew Harold (Patrick McKenna), and the other boys after a rich man (Richard Fitzpatrick) drives his car into a Possum Lodge sinkhole and sues for damages. The solution: Build a giant, duct tape goose and enter it in a Minnesota contest for cash prizes. Of course. Co-creator Smith re-tools the show's self deprecating essence and run-on joke about male incompetence into a winning movie. --Tom Keogh 
The Best of Red Green 
(1995) VHS
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The video is variety of the best clips from The Red Green Show with Canada's favorite "guy's guys" with all the funniest antics of Red and his effeminate nephew Harold, as well as Red's group of odd friends--either members of Possum Lodge or neighbors in the remote Canadian woods. All the best of the guys' flannel-shirt activities are here!
Red Green - Stuffed and Mounted 1 - DVD
The eight choice episodes on this disc include the clever "The Network Deal," in which Harold's efforts to draw an American viewership to Red Green results in the casting of a blonde goddess to play Red's wife, and "The Wind-Powered Boat," featuring an extended conversation about Kenyan tiger ranches and Nylon producing farms. You have to be there. --Tom Keogh 
Red Green Stuffed & Mounted 2
Red Green Stuffed & Mounted 3
Red Green Stuffed & Mounted 4
Red Green Stuffed & Mounted 5
Red Green Stuffed & Mounted 6
Red Green's We Can't Help It - We're Men (1997) VHS
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If you haven't caught the Red Green wave yet, you can't imagine what you're missing. Showcasing the confused, bumbling male ego is Red's specialty, and with a little help from his brothers in the Possum Lodge, he's developed the greatest all-purpose excuse for it all: "We can't help it--we're men!" 
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