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DVD Selections - Drama Movies

Don't Miss These Great Dramas
Radio (2003) DVD
Since winning an Academy Award for his exuberant performance in Jerry Maguire, Cuba Gooding Jr. has gotten little but static from critics for a spate of calamitous career choices not seen since '80s-vintage Burt Reynolds. But he triumphantly returns to Oscar-worthy status with his moving performance as Radio, a mentally challenged young man, whom South Carolina high school football coach Harold Jones (Ed Harris) takes under his nurturing wing. --Donald Liebenson
Titanic (1997) DVD
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Starring: Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet
Get swept away all over again by the passion, myth and tragedy of Titanic and the story of Rose and Jack, two fated lovers whose hearts will forever go on. The film has all the ingredients of a blockbuster (romance, passion, luxury, grand scale, a snidely villain, and an epic, life-threatening crisis). Great emotional experience.
The Game (1997) DVD
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Starring: Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, James Rebhorn, D. K. Unger
What do you want for your birthday? You may think twice about the answer after you see "The Game". Michael Douglas plays a rich, divorced, and dreadful investment banker whose 48th birthday reminds him of his father's suicide at the same age. His younger brother (Sean Penn) enrolls him in "The Game - a profound life experience" for his birthday and his life turns into a nightmare.
In the Cut (Unrated and Uncut Director's Edition) (2003) DVD
Based on Susanna Moore's popular novel, In the Cut centers on Frannie (Meg Ryan), an emotionally stifled English teacher who gets steamy with sultry Malloy (Mark Ruffalo, You Can Count On Me), a cop who's investigating a series of brutal murders--but Frannie soon suspects that Malloy may be the killer. As a psychological thriller, In the Cut is heavier on psychology than thrills; the story is a skeleton that director Jane Campion (The Piano, An Angel at My Table) cloaks in one of the most nightmarish visions of urban life since Taxi Driver or Seven, accompanied by lots of explicit sex. The movie's dark tone will put some viewers off, but Ruffalo's effortless magnetism serves him well; no woman in the audience will question how quickly Ryan falls into bed with him. Also featuring Jennifer Jason Leigh and an uncredited Kevin Bacon. 
--Bret Fetzer 
Donnie Brasco (1997) DVD
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Starring: Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Michael Madsen, Bruno Kirby, James Russo, Anne Heche
Based on the true story of former undercover cop Joe Pistone (Jonny Depp), who posed as a jewel thief to infiltrate the mob in the '70s. Known as Donnie Brasco, Pistone is befriended by mob hit man Lefty Ruggiero (All Pachino) who love his young protégé like a son. But the lines of loyalty become blurred as Donnie and Lefty form a bond that threatens the mission - and possibly Pistone's life!
The Scarlet Tunic (1996) VHS
Pride and Prejudice (1996) VHS
Persuasion (1995) DVD
Persuasion (1995) VHS
Jane Austen's Emma (1996) DVD
Jane Austen's Emma (1996) VHS
Thirteen (2002) DVD
A gut-wrenching portrait of adolescence, Thirteen is made all the more powerful because it was co-written by a genuine teenage girl, Nikki Reed, who also co-stars in the movie. Tracy (Evan Rachel Wood), a serious good student, finds herself needing to express her anger and resentment at her fractured family life. To rebel, she pursues a friendship with the reckless, alluring Evie (Reed), who seems to have all the cocksure freedom that Tracy desires. What follows is both harrowing and compelling: Tracy becomes enmeshed in a relationship with Evie that empowers Tracy and drags her deeper into the misery she wants to escape--and terrifies her mother (Holly Hunter), who struggles desperately to hold on to her daughter's love. Thirteen makes every step on this path utterly convincing, due to the vivid script, energized direction, and astonishingly alive performances from Hunter, Reed, and especially Wood. Jolting, sad, and mesmerizing. --Bret Fetzer
You've Got Mail (1998) DVD
Neigborhood bookstore rivals unwittingly become e-mail pen pals in this charming remake of The Shop Around the Corner
The Rat Pack (1998) DVD
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Starring: Ray Liotta, Joe Mantegna, Don Cheadle
The story of friends Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis. Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, otherwise known as "The Rat Pack", who set the style and pace for 1950s North America. Eye-opening and entertaining.
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