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Eyewitness: Bird 
This chapter in Dorling Kindersley's fascinating Eyewitness series treats viewers to sharply focused close-ups and a superrealism that almost gives a 3-D effect. The information flows smoothly, offering brief but memorable lessons in history, biology, math, geology, language, music, and religion. A metronome clearly compares an average human heart rate to a bird's. Popular myths and sayings are explained and sometimes challenged (for example, despite their wise eyes, owls aren't particularly smart).
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The Valley of Eagles (1997) 
Marvel at the largest  gathering of bald eagles in North America and meet golden eagle the ambassador of eagles. Learn first-hand about these proud predators.
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Penguin World (1992) 
In this thrilling documentary, you'll witness the spectrum of penguins from four-pound Fairies to ninety-pound Emperors, as they cavort about on the bleak, storm-lashed isles of the southern oceans and "toboggan" across the magnificent frozen wastes of Antarctica. Once described as an "animated laundry bag," you'll watch these engaging birds as they hunt, mate, brood, rear their young, and scamper away from wily predators. Penguin World is an often funny, beautiful, and incredible excursion into an extraordinary environment that is home to a society of endearing,
flightless, birds. 
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Parrots Look Who's Talking (1999) 
Bird lovers are guaranteed to love this video. This video is more entertaining and informative on birds in their environment and does not show an owner how to teach your bird tricks, but the humor and appreciation in this amazing Parrot video is worth it all! If you own a parrot or other bird that is responsive to sounds, you will find that playing this tape where they can hear it will bring out a funny response in your bird! 
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Life of Birds 
Amazing pictures, entertaining explanations, great quality! Life of birds is just another must see in the history of documentaries. Birds are pure movement and maneuverability, so what you can show to impress is amazing pictures of undiscovered behaviours or strange species bird-fans didn't know yet. The photography is top notch and the information reveals a side of our feathered friends we never appreciated before. You will never look at birds the same way again! 
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Birds of North America 1 
A comprehensive collection of motion and still photographs, animated range maps, and bird calls and sounds from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, designed to help everyone from the casual birder to the professional ornithologist. Narrated by naturalist Michael Godfrey. 
Audubon Society's Videoguide to Birds of North America - V. 2 
Birds of North America 3 
Birds of North America 4 
Birds of North America 5 

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