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National Geographic's Beauty and the Beasts: A Leopard's Story (1997)
This intimate film presents remarkable close-up footage of the leopard, perhaps the wildest of the great cats and its odd-looking neighbor, the warthog. Their parallel lives include age-old scenes of mating, birth, and raising young. But when these lives intersect, the outcome is always the same: The formidable leopard outranks the warthog on the food chain. Viewers are not spared the brutality of this truly wild life, and so there are several vivid death scenes.
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Incredible World of Cats - Boxed Set (1996) 
According to this playful, thorough two-hour boxed set, there are 10 million more cats than dogs kept as pets in the United States alone. There's great overview material here, including some
fascinating segments on cats' physiology (a cat's ear, for instance, has more than a dozen muscles
that can rotate the ear up to 180 degrees), grooming and purring habits, and love of play. The
second volume discusses cats' behavior, especially in relating to humans. 
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National Geographic's Tigers of the Snow (1997) VHS
Tigers of the Snow spotlights the Siberian Tiger, which once roamed over the wide ranges of northern Asia but now is limited to a tiny region on the Sea of Japan. Russian and American scientists have banded together to study the 300 remaining not-so-gentle giants in an effort to save them from extinction. You'll see these men and women track tigers from helicopters, brave a mother's fury to tag her young, and strive to breed them in captivity.
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National Geographic's Cats: Caressing the Tiger (1991)
This tape spends an hour investigating how closely little 4-pound Cleo is connected to her 600-pound tiger sister half a world away. Today, cats outnumber dogs as America's favorite pet. Worshipped in ancient Egypt and persecuted during medieval times, domestic cats over the centuries have been feared and adored. As comforting companions, cats provide therapy for the
elderly and autistic. But as dramatic sequences show, the behavior of cats is never far removed from that of their cousins in the wild.
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National Geographic's Lions of the African Night (1987) 
Lion life is dysfunctional enough to make most people feel pretty good about their situations. First, the males have deserted the pride to start new ones with younger lionesses. Secondly, as the pack roams the jungle in search of game, the females have to fend off rogue males who want to take over. LIONS OF THE AFRICAN NIGHT will surprise you with a startling look at the behavior of lions as the pride stalks wildebeest, warthog, and zebra in the struggle to fight off hunger, their constant enemy. 
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Eyewitness: Cat 
Eyewitness: Cat, fusing state-of-the-art graphics, crystal-clear film footage, and smooth, snappy writing to capture all nine lives and then some. Whether fearsome predators or cute household pets, cats have fascinated us for centuries, and some of us can't get enough of that feline stuff. Stalking, chasing, playing, napping--we see them all doing what they do best, secure in their regal splendor.
The Leopard Son (1996) 
Shot over a two-year period in Africa's Serengeti Plain, this eye-opening film shows just how much luck plays a part in any animal's survival. This deeply moving film is best experienced on the big screen. Parents should know that there are disturbing scenes of animal death, though handled with discretion.
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