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Eyewitness:Desert (1996) 
Desert is a fascinating look at the diversity of life that struggles to survive in arid and unforgiving climates. A typical Eyewitness factoid: camels have semi-transparent eyelids that allow them to shut their eyes against a sandstorm and yet still see. Desert does a fantastic job of providing interesting graphic images and incredible video clips to keep young viewers fascinated while at the same time being highly informative. 
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Amazing Animals Video: Desert Animals (1997) 
How do animals survive in the desert? More ways than you or your kids might think. Sometimes it's as simple as staying underground during the day (and eating your compatriots when you get desperate for moisture), as scorpions do, or running really fast across the hot sand, as some rodents do. Survival can look pretty goofy, as with the lizard who keeps only two feet on the ground at a time.
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Searching for Lost Worlds: Dragon Hunters: Secrets of the Gobi Desert/1999
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DRAGON HUNTERS: Secrets of the Gobi Desert. Roy Andrews was an adventurer. Protégé to the head of New York's Museum of Natural History, Andrews sets out to prove his patron's theory that mammals had first developed on the continent of Asia. Backed by the exploration - mad financial giants who head up New York society, Andrews outfits the first automotive expedition to the burning sands of Mongolia's Gobi Desert. There he battles the inhospitable climate, the machinations of the local government and the ever-present threat of violent bandits and marauding warlords. In a  quest that would cost him his eyesight, his happy marriage and, very nearly his life, The Dragon Hunter's discoveries add immeasurably to mankind's knowledge of evolution. 
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National Geographic Video - Creatures of the Namib Desert (1977) 
Journey to the tiny island of Siarau on the northwest coast of Borneo, where a tidal mangrove forest survives. Caught between land and sea, the forest and its creatures have adapted in bizarre ways to the daily flooding of their habitat. Tree roots grow above ground in search of oxygen; mudskipper fish have evolved without lungs and can live out of water; and the highly adaptive proboscis monkey is a skillful swimmer and climber.
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Living Edens, The: Namib, Africa's Burning Shore (1997) 
See How They Grow: 
Desert Animals (1995) 
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