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Dinosaur (1995) 
The video clearly presents and dynamically illustrates numerous facts about those beasts from 65 million years ago. The varieties of illustrations are truly remarkable: computer graphics, animations,
Claymation, even wonderful low-tech models. There's so much here that multiple viewings are
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National Geographic's Dinosaur Hunters (1997) 
National Geographic video traces the 1997 journey of two paleontologists from the American Museum of Natural History as they retrace Chapman's steps and unearth some groundbreaking finds of their own. Among these fossils is the skeleton of a female oviraptor and her nest of a dozen eggs, which may represent a link in the evolutionary chain that leads from dinosaurs to birds. Through spectacular on-location filming and state-of-the-art computer animation, National Geographic takes you on a journey to a lost world in DINOSAUR HUNTERS. 
Nova - Dinosaur Hunt (1997) 
Of all the creatures that ever walked the earth, none captures the human imagination like the dinosaur. Hear what the experts have to say about how this mysterious beast moved, killed, and lived - and what kind of cosmic zap it would have taken to make it die.
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Infinite Voyage, The - The Great Dinosaur Hunt 
With interest in dinosaurs at its peak, this Infinite Voyage takes viewers on a fascinating trip to unlock the mysteries of how the dinosaur lived, not how he perished. 
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Paleo World - Mysteries of Evolution (1994) 
While experts debate whether the Chinese Homo erectus walked to the greater Beijing area from Africa or whether this prehuman evolved there separately, viewers get an education about the limits and capabilities of early humans and a peek at their skulls and hand tools. In the Mysteries of Extinction, narrator Ben Gazzara leads viewers through the twists and turns of theory as paleontologists try to solve one of the most enduring whodunits of science: the disappearance of the dinosaurs. 
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Hollywood Dinosaur Chronicles 
Host Doug Mc Clure takes us on a fascinating journey through Hollywood's love affair with the
mammoth monsters of an age gone by. Interviews with special effects artists and paleontologists
promise a show full of fun and facts. 
Dinosaurs! - Complete Set (1993
Dinosaur! - Birth of Legend: Tale of An Egg (1991) 
Dinosaur! - Giant Birds of the Air: Tale of a Feather (1991)
Dinosaur! - The First Clue: Tale of a Tooth (1991)
Dinosaur! - The Fossil Rush: Tale of a Bone (1991) 
Dinosaur Digs:A Fossil Finders Tour (1995) 

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