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National Geographic's Elephant (1989)
An engaging study of nature's largest land animal.
Did you know that elephants communicate with each other using low frequency calls (similar to whales) over distances of up to three miles? 
Of all the creatures that walk the planet, the elephant is the biggest, strongest, and among the most intelligent. From Sri Lanka to Kenya, ELEPHANT is a charming, sometimes alarming, in-depth look at this magnificent animal and its precarious future.
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Elephant (1995) 
Eyewitness: Elephant, a wild exploration of the world's largest land animals. From their evolutionary ancestors (some, smaller, some even bigger!) to their interactions with the modern world, their lives are displayed in fascinating detail via the magic of DK Vision's expert graphic artists and videographers. Family members of all ages will find something to interest them.
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In the Wild - The Elephants of India With Goldie Hawn (1998) 
Goldie Hawn was excellent in this presentation of the elephants of India. What expirence to see
these magnificent creature. They need more programs like this on TV, to make people aware of the help they need from being extinct. 
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Animals of Africa - V. 7 - Land of the Elephants 
Experience a highly ritualized form of combat as two sables conduct a dance of dominance. Laugh as a hippo nibbles on fragile hyacinths and frolics in the world's largest bathtub. And delight in playful baby elephants who weigh a ton. Hosted by Joan Embery. 
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Children Safari-Elephants in the Wild 
Vanishing Giants:Elephants/Rhinos... 1999.
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Elephants: The Ultimate Guide (1997)
Echo of the Elephants-The Next (1996) 
The Elephants of Timbuktu (1995) 
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