Great Minds of History
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The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (1981)
Entertaining and informative look at one of history's most interesting characters - Nostradamus. He supposedly predicted in the sixteenth century many of the earth-shattering events which have
occured since his death. 
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Nikola Tesla - Genius Who Lit the World 
Nikola Tesla has not been given his place in the history books. However, with the video "The
Genius Who Lit The World" he is getting the credit which he deserves. Tesla is the inventor of
alternating current, which is in use today (not Edison's direct current which reached only the few
 rich). The video is a true documentary covering his many contributions to the world, such as his 2 phase poly motor as well as his inventions of flurescence and robotics. This video will whet your appetitie to learn more about this genius. 
Secret of Nikola Tesla 
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Nova - Einstein Revealed (1996) 
Albert Einstein is probably the most famous scientist in history, but how much do we really know about him besides the hair, the bomb, and relativity? In Einstein Revealed, NOVA guides us through his life as reflected in his private papers, showing a man of turbulent emotions and strong obsessions, yet kind and gentle as a mother hen. Using dramatized interviews, historical photography, and computer animation to enlighten us about his personal life and his lifelong quest to understand nature, Einstein Revealed succeeds in showing both the man and his work as never before. --Rob Lightner 
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Great Minds of History, Box Set (1998) 
The Great Minds of American History boxed set is a must purchase for both the serious student, and armchair historian. The presenters, along with host Roger Mudd, are personable, communicative, and most importantly outstanding historians in their respective fields. 
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Great Minds of History:American Revolution (1998) 
Great Minds of History:Civil War (1998) 
The Story of Thomas Edison (1991) 
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Biography: The Complete Churchill (1991)
Written and presented by Martin Gilbert, Sir Winston Churchill's official biographer and the author of Churchill: A Life, The Complete Churchill is a treasury of rare newsreel clips and interviews with Churchill's family, staff, and political contemporaries, both the supporters and the detractors. This series provides enough interviews and never-before-seen footage to interest the most avid Churchill enthusiast while presenting history buffs and neophytes with a balanced portrait of this pivotal historical figure's public and private personas. 
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Biography: General Douglas MacArthur (1996) 
Douglas MacArthur was a soldier's soldier--the son of an officer, the star of West Point, the Army's youngest-ever full general. He was already a retired hero when he was recalled in 1941 to face his biggest challenge: defending an unprepared Pacific force against the seemingly unstoppable Japanese war machine. Now, with rare footage and interviews with comrades, family and friends, Biography® brings you the complete story of the complex general, from his army-brat childhood and his magnificent stand in the Philippines to his later forays into presidential politics.
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Patton: A Genius for War (1996) 
The Story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1991) 
The Story of Dwight Eisenhower (1991) 
Biography: Benjamin Franklin 
Alexander Graham Bell 
Biography: Thomas Jefferson - Philosopher of Freedom (1995)
The Story of Henry Ford (1991) 
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