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Horse (1995) 
This video is a delight for everyone with an interest in the natural world. DK Vision dazzles us with their trademark brilliant graphics, showing horses' evolution, their cousins like zebras and donkeys, and how the modern horse coevolved with another species--our own! Fascinating and engaging for all ages. Horse makes perfect family viewing and once again shows that learning can be fun.
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National Geographic's Ballad of the Irish Horse (1985)
National Geographic's Ballad of the Irish Horse is a searching portrait that thoroughly explores the relationship of the Irish to this noble beast. Outstanding camera work and in-depth research create a lovely, enduring tribute to horses wild and tame and the Irish families that love and care for them.
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Monty Roberts: A Real Horse Whisperer (1997)
A real horse whisperer demonstrates the gentle, non-verbal language. A good portion of this video is devoted to Roberts demonstrating his "whispering" technique on a mustang separated from the herd. His mission: to get the wild horse to accept a saddle and rider within the space of a few days--without force.
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A new revolutionary approach for gentle training, healing and communicating recommended by riders, trainers and veterinarians worldwide.
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National Geograhic's Noble Horse (1999) 
At the documentary's center is a modern horse race in Mongolia, where horses are so revered that the national drink is fermented mare's milk. The narrative touches on an exclusive riding school in Spain, the fluctuating state of wild horses in the U.S., and the breaking of a wild horse in northern California. The epilogue is the story of Carousel, an aging horse that helped its handicapped rider win a blue ribbon in the 1996 Paralympics. Just 60 years before the first moon landing, the world was driven by horsepower. This video could make you believe it still is.
All Things Horses 
We feel that kids learn by example and it is important those examples show the correct safety methods. This is the age that children learn from television and they pick up on subtle behavior cues. With this in mind our aim was to produce a video that was not only silly and educational but one that demonstrated good safety techniques...showing that being safe does not get in the way or look dorky. We hope you and your children enjoy this silly introduction to the lovable horses. Happy Horsing Around! (Laura Douglas)
All Things Horses II 
World of Horses 
Horses a to Z 
Today's Horse-Today's Kids (1998) 
Day With Horses Sing-Along (1995) 
So You Want to Own a Horse (1994) 
You Can - Ride a Horse (1994) 
Horses...Close Up & Very Personal (1994) 
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