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Intimate Universe: The Human Body (1998) 
Dr. Robert Winston's visceral exploration of the physical processes of the body is an enlightening, exciting, and sometimes startling testimonial to just how complicated an organism the human animal is. From the graceful opening shot of naked people ages 1 to 100 standing in a row in a forest, to the painful last days of a man dying of cancer, this video will make you regard the human body with an awesome new respect. 
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Nova - The Ultimate Journey 
From the maker of The Miracle of Life comes another astounding glimpse into the mysteries of life before birth. Once again, the micro-photography of Lennart Nilsson takes you into the hidden world of life in the womb, from the dance of the egg and sperm to the emergence of our first tiny features to the thrill of birth. 
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Human Body 
Take an incredible microphotographic voyage through the body as a new life begins, from
conception to birth. The Ultimate Journey Explore life's origins as you examine both the differences between the uncanny similarities of the fetal development of humans and animals. Includes a 12-page comprehensive teacher's guide. 
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Eyewitness Video: Human Machine (1997)
Eyewitness: Human Machine lays it all out in a way kids and adults will both love. Their distinctive visual style, using modern special effects, always provokes a "Wow!" from the audience. Examining athletes in slow-motion, microphotography of our tiniest parts, and state-of-the-art imaging techniques for peeking inside the brain, DK shows us what is known and piques our curiosity to learn more.
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Skeleton (1995) 
Skeleton is an ideal introduction to anatomical science for young viewers. Its visuals are fresh and interesting, its documentary footage is sharp, and Martin Sheen's narration is quite effective. Budding scientific minds will be fascinated by how our skeletons maintain bodily harmony, protect our internal systems, and give us balance and stability.
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Ancient Graves: Voices of the Dead, a captivating program that searches high and low throughout the world to find and learn from preserved bodies. Ancient human grave sites speak volumes to those who listen. These haunting human "time capsules" have been uncovered all over the world. Some even reach a certain level of fame: The Ampato maiden sacrificed on an Andes peak. The Alpine Ice Man, the oldest frozen mummy ever found. England's 9,000-year-old Cheddar Man and much more.

In Search of Human Origins 
Nova - In Search of Human Origins: Ep. 1 (1994) 
Nova - In Search of Human Origins: Ep. 2 (1994) 
Nova - In Search of Human Origins: Ep. 3 (1994) 
Ape Man: The Story of Human Evolution (1994) 
Connect - The Power of Human Relationships (1999)
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