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Microcosmos (1996) VHS
Using revolutionary cameras, the directors of this French film (with minimal English language
narration) have made an amazing chronicle of the insect world. There are at least a dozen
fascinating, memorable images, and the carnage is held to a minimum. Some favorites include a
caterpillar traffic jam, a frog's bout with a rain storm, and a bird that turns into Godzilla for a bunch of ants. Then there's the snail mating scene that must be seen to be believed. Great for families.--Doug Thomas 
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Insect (1995) 
You will be fascinated after seeing this playful, zippy tour through the microworld of Class Insecta. Another installment in the award-winning Eyewitness series, Eyewitness: Insect uses DK's trademark MTV-speed editing, high-quality computer animation, stunning photography, and playful reenactments to effortlessly hold the attention of kid and adult alike.
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Insects - The Little Things That Run the World (1989) 
The numbers are astounding...for each living person there are 200 million insects, 10 million per
square kilometer! With 30 million species, most have not been named or even categorized yet!
Explore the wonders and mysteries of this vast, yet miniature world through stunning photography that brings you nose-to-nose with butterflies, eye-to-eye with tarantulas and takes you right inside bee hives as they work!
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Eyewitness:Butterfly & Moth (1996) 
The most beautiful of insects, the butterfly has long held the attention of artists and scientists alike.Watch caterpillars munch through vast quantities of greens, mummify themselves in cocoons, then emerge as glorious heralds of spring. But it's not all about pupation: watching the adults eat, unrolling their long proboscises to claim their drops of flower-food is worth the price of admission. 
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Really Gross Bug Stuff (1998) 
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This is an excellent video for all ages. The narration, camera work, and computer graphics are excellent and informative.
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Tarantulas & Their Venomous Re (1998) 
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Whether you are a spider lover or just love nature, you will enjoy this video. Great for insect lovers of all types. Excellent, clear, and informative. 
Pretty Insects 
Tell Me Why - V. 5 - Insects (1987) 
Bug City:Ants (1998) 
Bug City: Spiders & Scorpions (1998) 
Bug City: Aquatic Insects (1998) 
Bitten by the Bug - The Moving Story of Insects (1995)
See How They Grow: Insects and Spiders (1995) 
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