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Eyewitness Video: Island (1997)
Eyewitness: Island takes a look at islands being birthed from volcanoes, living islands made of coral, and even bustling, urban islands like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Manhattan.  Islands have long been places of mystery and adventure. From pirates hiding buried treasure to the giant stone heads of Easter Island, islands are rich with history and have captured our imagination for centuries. 
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National Geographic's Africa: Wilds of Madagascar (1988) 
This unique island, separated from the African mainland millions of years ago, boasts unique flora
and fauna which have evolved in near isolation. Trek to remote sunken forests to discover the exotic animals of this oasis. 
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Bahamas, The - The Available Paradise (1997) 
With its unspoiled beauty and its unique culture - Bahamas are very popular with Europeans and
North Americans. 
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Going Places: The Caribbean (1997) 
When describing Caribbean one word comes to mind PARADISE. The ideal choice for travelers who like volcanic mountains, famous landmarks, spectacular sunsets, friendly atmosphere, beautiful sand beaches, ideal climate and interesting history. 
Touring New Zealand (1990) 
Travel Spain:Canary Islands (1994) 
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Caribbean (1998) 
Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia 
Galapagos - Beyond Darwin (1996)
Rand McNally Video Expeditions - Exploring the Galapagos (1992) 
Cousteau Odyssey 6 - Blind Prophets of Easter Island (1978) 
Living Edens: Paradise of Ice, South Georgia Island 
Video Visits - New Zealand - Islands of Adventure
Mystic Lands-Bali: Island of 1,000 Temples / Haiti: Dance of the Spirit (1997)
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