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Eyewitness: Mammal (1996) 
Polar bear frolics, kangaroo hops, and the miracle of live birth all get their time in this highly entertaining, informative program. Why are we warm-blooded and how does that help? What
makes us so smart? What about milk? Class Mammalia fascinates and delights as Martin Sheen's seamless narration guides the viewer through our furry world. 
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Baby Animals, Mammals and More 
Baby Animals, Mammals & More! is like having a zoo, circus, aquarium, pet store and farmyard right in your own home, but without the mess. Your child will be introduced to ponies and puppies, camels and calves, manatees and monkeys. From the very first frame through the last, Baby Animals, Mammals & More! is filled with music, cute critters and lots of fun facts, making it visually exciting, entertaining and educational.
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Tell Me Why - V. 9 - Mammals (1987) 
Shamu and You - V. 1 - Exploring the World of Mammals (1992) 
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Life in the Sea V. 1 - Great Sea Mammals (1995) 
The Amazing World of Marine Mammals (1997) 
Mammals (1991)
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