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Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie, Special Director's Cut (1998) 
From the back cover Witness the incredible history of America's development of nuclear weapons. Renowned special effects filmmaker Peter Kuran (Star Wars, Star Trek II and V, Robocop, Addams Family) dedicated more than three years to the production of this amazing film, which chronicles the top secret, strange, and visually compelling history of the design, production, and testing of atomic and hydrogen bombs by the United States. In addition to uncovering rare film from top secret government archives, Kuran traveled far and wide to obtain startling footage of nuclear bomb tests conducted by Great Britain and China and the largest atomic explosion ever created by Russia. The quality of the images is remarkable and required the development of a new film restoration system to preserve these haunting images for generations to come.
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Jet Pilots (DreamQuest: An Education in Vision) 
An exciting ride, an education in character, a must for kids, a Godsend for parents wishing to instill good values and a vision for the future in their children. Winner of the Dove Seal Award and of the Flagstaff Worldfest International Film Festival Award for Children's programs. 
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Secret Weapons 
This video is excellent. It is full of astounding camera work including bombardier beetle blasts
slowed down to 400 frames per second. The footage is accompanied by enlightening explanations
of what is going on and why. The main theme of the video is the chemical defenses utilized by
different insects. The audience is also treated to actual laboratory experiments on several insects
that reveal surprising facts about them. The video is fascinating and very informative.
Just the Facts: 50 Great Years in American Military History 
Military Air Force Air Attack
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Military Justice 
Glory-Military Music Tradition
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20th Century With Mike Wallace : Uneasy Partners-Press & The Military 
America's Military Museums (1997) 
Military and the Soviet Union (1999)
Bombs Rockets & Missles
Weapons of War - The Atomic Bomb 
Weapons of War - The Hydrogen Bomb 
High Explosives 
Special Forces 
Top Guns 
Silent Service 
Military Weapons-Buy Now Test 
True Stories of the Old West - Military (1993) 
The Silent Drill Teams: The Story of Excellence Among America's Military Ranks
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