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National Geographic's Gorilla (1981) VHS 
National Geographic presents an informative and engaging look at the mysterious mountain gorilla of central Africa - a species once numbering in the thousands, that has now dwindled to a precious
few. Contrary to its King Kong image, the gorilla is a shy and retiring creature. Renowned scientist
Dian Fossey fought to protect these gentle beasts from the destruction of poachers in the volcanic
mountain of Rwanda. 
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National Geographic's Jane Goodall: My Life With the Chimpanzees (1995) 
This is a well made documentary with excellent footage, a complementary musical score, and a
well organized narrative that gives viewers a full portrait of a woman who, in 1960, went alone into the heart of Africa at the age of 26 and remained there for decades studying chimpanzees. 
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National Geographic's Really Wild Animals: Monkey Business and 
Other Family (1996) 
National Geographic's animated globe-on-the-go looks up some of his favorite critters in a worldwide tour of animal families. Turns out that most primates - from baboons to bushbabies - like to hang out with their friends and relatives. They aren't the only ones! Spin also checks out a bunch of different types of animal families such as elephants, octopuses, ostriches, and bullfrogs. Fabulous footage and swinging music videos will drive you straight up the family tree!
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National Geographic's Among the Wild Chimpanzees (1984) 
Jane Goodall is legendary among primate researchers, and for good reason--she learned more on
her own studying chimpanzees than all who went before her combined. National Geographic's
Among the Wild Chimpanzees looks at her life's work from 1960, when she first came to Tanzania's Gombe Reserve, to the early 1980s, showing her quiet determination to observe these animals closely while disturbing them as little as possible. Gaining their trust through months and years of noninterference, she gathered an unprecedented wealth of information on their rich social lives.
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People of the Forest: The Chimps of Gombe (1991) 
The individual personalities of the chimps stand out so clearly it's sometimes a strain to remember these creatures aren't human, and their struggles with other tribes, predators, and the forces of nature are alternately thrilling and heartbreaking. The photography is lush--with 20 years of footage to pick through, it should be--and Donald Sutherland's narration is clear and unobtrusive. People of the Forest lends a strong sense of empathy to the viewers and leaves us with greater respect for our closest cousins.
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In the Wild - Orangutans With Julia Roberts (1998) 
This video is about orangutans with Julia Roberts. You will see more Julia than orangutan, because  the photography spends much more time capturing Ms. Roberts as it does the animals. The animals should be the main focus, but occasionally they get lost in the gleam of Ms. Roberts stealing the limelight. Then at the end Julia places herself and others in danger. The audacity of the celebrity phenomenon has never been more starkly apparent. Why spend time studying your subject matter to qualify yourself for such an expedition? If you are famous, you need no other training. This is obvious when Roberts naively strolls up to a 400-pound alpha male who grabs her by the arm and begins to place her in the mating position. Men are seen intervening as this huge animal is obviously turning to make a stand. 
Nature Series - Monzu: The Snow Monkey 
Essentially the documentary is about a snow monkey named Mozu, who was born with severely retarded extremeties. In a land where a normally developed monkey has a better chance of dying before adulthood than surviving well into it, Mozu is an example of courage and struggle. The film does an excellent job of conveying the fact that monkeys and humans are both primates and, therefore, related. One truly feels for Mozu, whether it be during the bountiful and warm springtime weather or during the painful and bitter winter freeze. For anyone who enjoys nature documentaries with a more emotional aspect to them this video provides that. 
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