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Life on Earth (1986) VHS
Exceptional journey through time of life on earth.
Hosted by David Attenborough, this critically acclaimed series originally seen on PBS, is a
fascinating history of nature that captures the mysteries and splendors of the earth rarely seen. It
took Attenborough and his crew three years to capture this footage. 
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Planet Earth 
Planet Earth reveals the secret history of our four billion year old home. The vivid 7-part Emmy Award winning chronicle of discovery documents astonishing developments in the new geoscience as it guides us to a better understanding of our planet's past, present and future. Come along on a journey of breathtaking imagery and compelling ideas. Confront the furies and probe the mysteries that are our Planet Earth. THE BLUE PLANET.
Number of tapes: 7
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Help Save Planet Earth - Easy Ways to Make a Difference (1990)
Ted Danson hosts this guide that shows viewers how to conserve energy and water, help protect our Ozone layer, protect endangered species and preserve the world's valuable natural resources by reducing, reusing and recycling. Featured personalities offer practical and specific information and demonstrate the tremendous power each of us has to make significant contributions. 
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Planet of Life - Complete Set (1995) 
The series begins in The Birth of Earth, with a Mars-sized asteroid hitting Earth's primordial oceans, and traces the progression of lipidlike molecules to DNA, blue-green algae, and amoebas. Narrator Stacy Keach explains the evolutionary advantages of kidneys, bones, and lungs in early fish, and British Columbia's Burgess Shale reveals bizarre Cambrian fossils and their fascinating reconstructions in Ancient Oceans. Plants lure tetrapods onto land in When Dinosaurs Ruled and rock-eating, herbivorous dinosaurs evolve. The series' life-size models, computer animation, expert interviews, and on-location film footage will appeal to anyone looking for a good visual overview of evolution. 
Number of tapes: 4
Savage Earth - The Restless 
Planet (1998) 
Solar System and Beyond - Earth - The Third Planet (1994) 
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Eyewitness: Arctic & Antarctic (1996) 
Save Our Planet 
Fate of the Earth 
Blue Planet 
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