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Eyewitness Video: Planets (1997) 

Eyewitness: Planets. DK's voyage into outer space is full of amazing footage and special effects that intrigue and educate kids and adults about these "wandering stars." Topics include surface conditions, orbits, and planets' history as objects of curiosity and worship throughout the ages. From Galileo to Voyager, you'll find centuries of learning packed into a half an hour that doesn't wear down over repeated viewings. Eyewitness: Planets is a must for the family that learns together.
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Creation of the Universe 
For anyone interested in physics, cosmology, big bang theory, astronomy or even religion,
this is a must-buy. Timothy Ferris of the university of California, Berkeley, takes you on a joyous ride acroos the intellectual spectrum of 20th century scientific thought. He shows not only what scientists believe, but also WHY they believe what they do in regards to the Big Bang theory. 
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The Planets (1999) 
In a spectacular, comprehensive presentation, The Planets draws on consultations with over a thousand leading astronomers, engineers, scientists and astronauts. Featuring seldom-seen NASA archival footage, awe-inspiring imagery from instruments like the Hubble space telescope, and stunning computer graphics and special effects, this unprecedented series explores both the alien beauty of our local space environment and the extraordinary technology that enables us to unlock its secrets. Tracing our exploration of the heavens from its earliest days to the present, The Planets reveals a story of personal achievement and technological triumph. 
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National Geographic's For All Mankind (1989)
Join National Geographic on the greatest adventure of the 20th century - America's first manned flights to the moon. From lift-off to splashdowns, from Mission Control to the moon landing, you'll relive this incredible story in a film composed of rare footage shot and narrated by the Apollo astronauts themselves. You'll be awed by the serene beauty of space as the astronauts float outside the lunar module thousands of miles above the Earth. Experience the thrill of new frontiers as the explorers frolic in weightlessness and navigate the lunar rover over the vast moonscape.
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National Geographic's Asteroids: Deadly Impact (1997) VHS
Every year, millions of these "stray bullets" streak through the skies, and tons of small meteorites strike our planet! Asteroids: Deadly Impact is a story about how the world could end. Scientists believe that the impact of an asteroid only a mile wide would be globally catastrophic. Join extraordinary geologist Eugene Shoemaker and his wife Carolyn who have remapped the heavens with their discoveries of more than 30 comets and hundreds of asteroids. 
Exploring Our Universe 
Universe & The Solar System
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Uderstanding the Universe 
Exploring Our Solar System:Planets 
Astronomers:Where Is Rest of Universe (1991) 
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