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Eyewitness Video: Plant (1997)
Plant educates and entertains folks of all ages (even adults!); best of all, it's interesting enough to enjoy again and again. The time-lapse photography of root growth, the interplay between flowers and insects, and the historical vignettes detailing our long dependence on a broad array of plants amazes and delights. Each new image, each new fact inspires kids to ask questions and learn more, results any educator would envy. 
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Tell Me Why - V. 3 - Flowers, Plants, and Trees (1987) 
The children's video encyclopedia is an educational aid that answers the questions children ask
most. This program presents and answers questions about botany and how flowers grow. 

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Private Life of Plants V. 3 (1995) 
Definately, the best videos to be found on plants and their reproduction. 
New filming techniques, and the work of Attenborough give us beautiful and amazing pictures that show us precisely the natural processes palnts must undergo in their lives. Speed up pictures, really close shots approach us to an insect point of sight and enables us to see exactly the delicately balanced interactions taht take place in plants world. A real must see. 
Private Life of Plants V. 1 (1995) 
Private Life of Plants V. 2 (1995)
Private Life of Plants V. 4 (1995) 
Private Life of Plants V. 5 (1995) 
Private Life of Plants V. 6 (1995)
Yardening - How to Grow Flowers (1986) 
Now you can learn the easy, time-saving way to grow beautiful flowers. Jeff Ball shows you how to plant perennials, annuals and bulbs, apply mulch, water like an expert, and create a lush, long-lasting cut-flower display. 
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Summer Wild Flowers of the Eastern Forests 
From the back cover 
Summer, when the woodlands and forests are in full leaf, has often been called "the green interlude"
between the more delicate array of flowers in the spring woodlands and the more massive color of
the goldenrods, asters and thoroughworts in the fall. Actually, summer is probably the most varied
wild flower season of all since a few "late spring" plants and a few "early fall plants" add to the many attractive native and naturalized plants such as the milkweeds and mints that normally bloom during
the longer, warmer days of summer. This video provides a sample of the beautiful and varied wild
flowers that may be found along woodland margins or along open roadsides or meadows during the summer months. 
Fall Wild Flowers of the Eastern Forests 
Spring Wild Flowers of the Eastern Forests 
Plants That Purify the Air (1994) 
Native Plants & The Environment 
Wildlife Tales - Ants and Plants (1991) 
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