Reptiles and Amphibians
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National Geographic's Reptiles and Amphibians (1989)
The life cycle of frogs, sea snakes in Australia, as well as an experiment examining how lizards regenerate their tails and if such regeneration could be adapted by man is all thought-provoking. Nearly every continent of the world is touched on, as is the concept of reptiles as gods in some cultures and simultaneously as monsters in others.

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National Geographic's Nightmares of Nature: Deadly Reptiles (1997)
From finger-thin vipers to nine-foot bushmasters, they can kill within minutes. In Indonesia, a
300-pound komodo dragon - with crushing jaws and razor-sharp claws - emerges from the forest
and silently prowls where children are busy at play. In a village in Thailand, a nest of cobras lies
hidden among sacks of grain. Witness these and other harrowing true-life human encounters with nature's silent killers. But beware, a quiet hiss could be the last thing you hear. 
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National Geographic's Last Feast of the Crocodiles (1996)
In the daily struggle for survival, terrible thirst drives wildlife to water...even when the water is just
inches away from the jaws of a crocodile. During one harsh season, a punishing drought draws
some of Africa's most magnificent creatures to the shrinking pools of the Luvuvhu River. Its
dwindling waters provide relief for baboons, impala, elephants, lions, water birds and bee-eaters -
but also a refuge for scores of hungry crocodiles. Amidst the stunning scenes of nature at its
harshest, strange things happen.
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Cobra-King of Snakes (1998)
See how this most regal of snakes lives in relative harmony -- unless you foolishly rile it up -- throughout the Indian Subcontinent and Africa. Watch antivenom being created from regularly milked cobras, snake-bite charmers engaged in a devil dance to save a bite victim and a battle royal pitting a furry marsh mongoose against a furious cobra.
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The Secret World of Reptiles (1996) 
The last surviving inhabitants of the dinosaur age, reptiles provide a unique perspective on the
beginnings of life on Earth. These prehistoric creatures cling to a tenuous existence, startling
reminders of the planet primeval. Meet the Komodo Dragon, island dwelling remnant of a vanished
age. Witness the titanic battle between the sidewinder and the king snake. From the grotesque
feeding habits of the African egg-eating snake to the malevolent glare of the lurking crocodile, The
Secret World of Reptiles reveals, in unflinching detail, the ferocious compulsion to survive. 
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The Fascinating World of Snakes (1995) 
It is fun and a little scary watching this video, but you will learn to respect snakes.
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ABC World of Discovery - Crocodile's Revenge (1993) 
This video provides an interesting peek into the Australian Crocodiles way of life. You get to hear
past accounts of croc attacks on humans as told by those who lived through the nightmares, as well
as learn more about their interaction with the Australian way of life in the Northeast Outback.
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Ten Deadliest Snakes in the Wo (1998) 
Travel thousands of miles across the beauty and grandeur of Australia to come mere inches from
certain death with 10 deadliest snakes in the world. Renowned reptile wrangler Steve Irwin revels in danger of the cold-blooded variety and you will too as you learn about and witness the secretive
behavior of these feared denizens that silently slither along the earth's surface. 
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Okefenokee Joe:Know Your Snakes (1994) 
Okefenokee Joe dispels many myths related to venomous and non-venomous snakes. The ability to
look at the creatures with an unbiased knowledge is Okefenokee Joe's specialty. His ease with
dealing with the snakes makes one think in a different way when encountering these reptiles in the
woods or neighborhood.


Snakes Box Set (1998) 
Eyewitness: Amphibian 
Prehistoric Animals & Reptiles 
Tell Me Why - V. 12 - Pre-Historic Animals, Reptiles and Amphibians (1987) 

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