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Skier's Dream (1988) 
This tape is a must for any alpine extremist. Helicopters dropping skiers onto remote summits,
snowboarding off treacherous embankments, bounding off devastating moguls, paragliding through
ethereal heights, and cliff jumping to a perfect landing are just some of the exploits profiled in this
remarkable and sometimes amusing video. 


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Snow Riders (1998) 
Spectacular shots of snowcapped peaks and extreme skiers gracefully defying gravity, not to
mention common sense, are the highlights of this entertaining video from the venerable guru of skiing
movies, Warren Miller. Sparing no expense, Miller's film crews span the globe, shooting
snowboarders careening down absurdly steep Alaskan peaks, ski guides helicoptering to remote
slopes in British Columbia, and hardy (and uninhibited) Scotsmen who boldly catch some "big air" in
kilts. This video is fraught with offbeat humor, including shots of a snowshoe race that could have
been filmed by Mack Sennett, and footage of "face jumping," the oddball diversion of hurling oneself
off Alpine glaciers and parachuting to earth.
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Snowriders 2: The Journey Continues (1998)
Opening with a nightmarish montage of an avalanche, Snowriders 2: The Journey Continues, from
the master of ski films, Warren Miller, quickly transforms into an exuberant celebration of downhill
glory. In Miller style, gorgeous footage of some of the world's most skillful skiers tackling the
world's gnarliest slopes is combined with intelligently chosen rock music to create an entertaining mix.
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Warren Miller's Freeriders (1998) 
Mixing a well-chosen rock music soundtrack with magnificent action footage, Freeriders opens in Chile, where skiers rocket across 12 feet of perfect snow on the Fourth of July. Moving to Stowe, Vermont, for a "big air" contest, some of the world's best mogul skiers sail upward in what appears on film to be an elegantly choreographed aerial ballet. There is even some discussion of "old school" versus "new school" extreme skiing, but the emphasis is on fun and humor. A trip to Norway features some classic deadpan comedy concerning the ubiquity of fish on the menu as well as awesome and alarming footage of skiing in bright sun at 3 a.m., where a single mistake could send you sailing off a 7,000 foot mountain and into a fjord. 
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