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Stargate DVD Selections


 "Stargate SG-1." Starting as a simple exploration series, the series expanded into a brilliant tangle of politics, aliens, and Earth's spirit and guts -- Excellent writing, acting, and a sense of humor about itself and its characters.

The Stargate has been inactive for a year. Then a bunch of Egyptian-styled warriors come through and kidnap an officer. General Hammond (Don S. Davis) pulls Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) out of retirement, and sends him to Abydos to find out what happened. O'Neill is reunited with Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) -- only to have Daniel's wife and brother-in-law abducted by the evil Apophis. A rescue attempt sparks off a war with the Goa'uld -- aliens who have been impersonating human gods for many centuries.

So the team SG-1 -- made up of O'Neill, Jackson, scientist/pilot Sam Carter (Amanda Tapping) and Apophis' ex-slave Teal'c (Christopher Judge) -- explore through the Stargate, finding plenty of hostile aliens, strange allies (the Unas, the Asgard), and humans scattered all over. Not to mention the gate-builders, who have ascended to another plane.