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The Hill (1965) VHS
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By all standards an excellent film recommend to anyone who is interested in dramas', military or otherwise. Set in a prison camp for Allied soldiers needing displine during the Desert War of 1940-43 it is extremely convincing through it's script and screen play. Sean Connery plays a disgraced sergeant, Harry Andrews the RSM with excellent supporting roles by Roy Kinnear and the late Ian Bannen. Ian Hendry plays a sadistic Staff Sergeant whose deliberate insistance of exercise punishment leads to the death of an in-mate.
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Sean Connery
Thomas Sean Connery was born in the Fountainbridge district of Edinburgh, Scotland on August 25,1930. Connery was a bodybuilder, model, and chorus boy before moving on to repertory, TV, and film work in the 1950s. He was chosen to play James Bond in 1962's Dr. No. Connery beat out many far bigger (and more expensive) names to play Ian Fleming's super spy James Bond, which made him a major 60s icon. The film was a success and led to 4 more Bond films during the next 5 years. Tired of being identified only as 007, Connery quit after You Only Live Twice, though he was lured back for one more film, Diamonds Are Forever, and then left the series. However, he returned 12 years later for a final appearance in Never Say Never Again.
Connery has played many varied roles in films over the years, working with directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, John Huston and Brian De Palma. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1987, for his role as the Irish cop Malone in The Untouchables. Voted the sexiest man alive in 1990, Connery is still appearing in successful films, despite suffering from various throat ailments. Connery is an avid golfer (he learned the game for 1964's Goldfinger) and in 1996 won the Lexus Challenge golf tournament with pro Hale Irwin. In 1997, Connery was honored by the Film Society at Lincoln Center in New York. He was honored by the Kennedy Center in December 1999.
Order Books:
Sean Connery: A Biography - by M. Freedland
Sean Connery - by Robert Sellers 
The Films of Sean Connery - by Lee Pfeiffer, Philip Lisa (Contributor)
Click here to order The films of Sean Connery from "No Road Back" to "Dragonheart", just read and find out more. His interest in bodybuilding led to a small part in a British roadshow of South Pacific, which led to larger parts on stage and TV, his first big role being the punch-drunk lead in Requiem for a Heavyweight. Paperback Revised edition (Feb.1997) 
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Entrapment (1999) DVD
Starring: Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta Jones

Sean Connery plays a master thief thought to be long retired, while Zeta-Jones is his foil, a hotshot insurance investigator assigned to his case. 

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They both have a little something to hold over each other's heads, until it turns out that Catherine Zeta-Jones is a professional art thief herself and is playing on both sides of the fence. 
The Rock (1996) VHS
Click here to order Action-suspense about psychotically disgruntled war hero (Ed Harris) seizes the island prison of Alcatraz and threatens to wage chemical warfare against nearby San Francisco unless the government publicly recognizes the men who were killed under Harris's top-secret command. 
FBI biochemist Nicolas Cage teams up with the long-imprisoned British agent Connery--the only man who ever escaped from The Rock in an attempt to foil Harris's terrorist scheme. 
First Knight (1995) DVD
Romantic adventure saga that focuses on the Arthurian legend, in which Lady Guinevere (Julia Ormond) is torn between her love for the noble King Arthur (Sean Connery) and the passionate knight Sir Lancelot (Richard Gere).
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As the story opens, Guinevere's lands are under attack by the evil knight Malagant (Ben Cross), and she must choose between marriage to Arthur and the security of Camelot, or encouraging the affections of Lancelot, who has heroically rescued her from a potentially lethal attack.
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