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Jane Eyre (1983) VHS
Click here to order BBC Adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel of Victorian England. 
The orphaned governess, Jane Eyre, falls in love with her employer, the mysterious Edward Rochester, who has a tragic secret in his past. 
Overall, the best film version of Jane Eyre! Timothy Dalton is the only Mr. Rochester. 
The Beautician and the Beast (1997) VHS
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Beauty-school teacher Fran Drescher, basically reprising her television role in The Nanny, is whisked out of Queens and deposited in Eastern Europe after she is mistaken for a science teacher. Timothy Dalton is the gruff and stilted president for life she tames with mousse and kindness. Drescher, with that inimitable voice and colorful clothing, is very funny. 
Hawks (1988) VHS
Time is running out for a brilliant English lawyer and a young American football player. Terminally ill and hospitalized, they decide to slug it out with fate by forming a two man escape committee. This movie shows that love and friendship don't always come in the packages that we expect; and even if it is brief it can effect our lives as much as a love or friendship that lasts for many years.
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