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Roger Moore
Roger Moore was born in Stockwell South London on Oct. 14, 1927. 
He was the only child of  the policeman George A.Moore and his wife Lily. At 15, Roger entered art school with the intention of becoming a painter, and later became an animators assistant. 
It all started in 1940. During the summer 1940 Roger was out of work, and friend of his suggested that he should earn some money by becoming a film extra.
"From that moment it seemed I always wanted to be an actor !"
He studied at the Royal Academy of Drama and appeared in some plays in the West End, before being inducted into the British Army. After release from the military, he worked in theatre, television and radio but also worked as a model. Roger built up a solid reputation as an actor.
In 1953 Moore came to the U.S. where he got a film contract with MGM, playing supporting roles in several films. 
Roger Moore became famous with television plays. His first big TV series was Ivanhoe, followed by Maverick. His real breakthrough was his staring in "The Saint", a fairly popular British adventure series dealt with a man by the name of Simon Templar and his worldwide escapades. 
In 1962 while he was under contract for "The Persuaders", Harry Saltzman and Cubby Broccoli asked him to become the first James Bond, but he could not accept due to his working contract with "The Persauaders" and Sean Connery got the role. 
The Bond role returned to Moore in 1972, when Sean Connery again said for a second time that he was finished as Bond, and Moore was hired as his successor for Live and Let Die. Moore made 7 Bond films, retiring as 007 after  "A View to a Kill" in 1985. He was succeeded byTimothy Dalton the following year. Retired from the Bond world in 1985 Roger Moore went on to play some other roles in various movies (his latest credit being Spiceworld - 1998). 
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The Man Who Haunted Himself 
(1970) VHS
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Strange psychological drama about Roger Moore encountering a duplicate of himself in the aftermath of a car crash. Mildly interesting; good location footage of London.
After Moore retired from the showbiz, he became a member of UNICEF and he succeeded the late Audrey Hepburn in the role of Special Representative for the Film Arts for UNICEF. 
His main concern now though is in helping needy children around the world. He travels throughout the world speaking and working on raising funds for children in underdeveloped countries.
Spy Tek (1998) VHS
With rare archival footage of ingenious historic espionage devices, Spy Tek exposes many of the tactics and devices used by the CIA, U.S. Army Intelligence, the OSS, the STASI, the KGB, Stalin's NKVD, and the SAS. Clips from James Bond films and Roger Moore's narration do not diminish this serious history of spies, double agents, and spy catchers. The first section, "The Real 007," includes the first video tour of the KGB museum and a detailed study of how spies and double agents such as Aldrich Ames were caught. "Spy vs. Spy" looks at intelligence cameras hidden in cigarette packs, umbrellas, neckties, and gloves, and at astounding listening devices that were used to collect information on citizens and governments. "The Deadly Game" focuses on lethal espionage equipment including silenced weapons with no muzzle flash, a botulism-laced cigar meant for Castro, and the umbrella - delivered ricin derivative that killed Georgi Markov. Former KGB general Oleg Kalugin and espionage historian H. Keith Melton and sources from international archives deliver facts that will intrigue James Bond fans, espionage buffs, armchair spies, and the curious at heart.
--Tara Chace 
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