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Biography - Elvis Presley: 
Story of a Legend 
(1987) VHS
A poor, simple boy from Tupelo, Mississippi, he would change the course of popular music and culture forever. Yet his bizarre personal life would become as legendary as his hit songs. This unique biography traces the private Elvis, from his unusually close boyhood relationship with his mother, through his courtship and marriage to Priscilla, to his strange, nocturnal life at Graceland. Fact-filled and exhaustive, it includes interviews with members of his inner circle, called the Memphis Mafia, and rare home movie footage. It's a stunning story that captures not only the private Elvis, but the inescapable charisma and magnetism of Elvis the superstar. Share the life of the greatest rock 'n' roll star in history, one of this century's most fascinating and fabulous personalities.
Elvis '56 - In the Beginning (1987) DVD
1956 was Presley's breakthrough year, and this program takes you back, including his early television performances on the Dorsey Brothers Show and the Ed Sullivan Show (where the cameramen were instructed not to shoot the lower half of his body!), and an entire hour of rare footage and performances captures during the amazing year when Elvis Presley become not only a star, but a phenomenon. So slip on your blue suede shoes, and step back to the beginning of an era, with rare early recordings and never-before-seen footage. 
61 minutes. 
Elvis on Tour 
(1972) VHS
Elvis - That's the Way It Is (Special Edition) (1970) DVD
This rockumentary is a must-see experience that takes you backstage and front-row center as Elvis unleashes his incomparable talent and showmanship during his 1970 concert tour. 
Elvis - The Great Performances Box Set DVD
Searching for a real American idol? Well, look no further. Over the course of these 3 marvelous discs (totaling about 160 minutes and over 40 songs, including repeats), we are nearly overwhelmed by the charm, charisma, and sheer talent that made Presley so extraordinarily popular and influential. There are songs from television shows (emphasizing the mid-'50s appearances that helped cement his iconic status), concerts, and movies, along with interviews, some revealing (mostly silent) home movies, and photos galore. And by favoring the music Presley made in his earlier years, as well as by loading the discs with complete, uninterrupted performances, executive producer Andrew Solt and company show us how Presley combined country, gospel, and R&B to make rock & roll the most vital pop culture phenomenon of the past 50 years. This is the mother lode, and a must-have for longtime adherents and newcomers alike. DVD bonus options include a discography, a filmography, and "trivia tracks" on all discs. --Sam Graham 
He Touched Me - The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley 
(1999) DVD
Featuring more than forty of Elvis' gospel songs, He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley explores his faith and the prominent role that gospel music played throughout his life as witnessed by those who knew him well. Anecdotes, by Gospel greats Ed Enoch (The Stamps), the late J. D. Sumner (The Stamps), Jake Hess (The Imperials), Myrna Smith (The Sweet Inspirations), Ray Walker (The Jordanaires) and many more, trace Elvis' Gospel roots and are skillfully interwoven with performances of Elvis singing Gospel music.
Elvis-Death of a Legend 
(1998) VHS
Viva Las Vegas (1963) DVD
Starring: Elvis Presley, Ann Margret Hip-swivelin' songfest has the King as a race car driver Lucky Jackson, who arrives in Las Vegas for an upcoming Grand Prix race. Lucky's car needs a new engine, so he gets a waiter job at a casino and starts working his crooning charms on Rusty Martin (Ann-Margret). It's their on-screen chemistry that makes this flick a lot of fun; Elvis never had a better costar than Ann-Margret, and their race-car romance is quintessential 1960s fluff. 
Jailhouse Rock (1957) DVD
Elvis Presley's third and one of his finest musicals. After learning to play guitar and sing during a stint in the Big House, a minor-league punk kid becomes a rock star, with a little help from a beautiful agent. But the pressures of fame wear him down. Considered by many to be Presley's best film because of its eerie narrative prescience, noirish setting, and quality songs (note the poolside performance of "You're So Square"). 
Elvis - His Best Friend Remembers (2002) DVD
Essentially an illustrated interview with longtime Elvis buddy Joe Esposito, Elvis: His Best Friend Remembers is meant for the hardcore Elvis fan only. Esposito met Presley in the Army and stayed a member of the "Memphis Mafia" for the rest of the King's life (and death--his account of finding Elvis's body is by far the most interesting part of the interview). Esposito's memories are cozy and sanitized; in his telling, the news that Elvis gave Tom Jones his first peanut butter sandwich while on vacation in Hawaii qualifies as a fascinating anecdote. Random footage from newsreels and various Presley press conferences is cut into the interview, along with a lot of vintage '60s Polaroids. As befits the bargain-basement ambience, there's not a single note of Elvis music to be heard. --Robert Horton 
Elvis Presley: The Alternate Aloha Concert (1973) DVD
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