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Life of Jesus, 
Vol. 1-2 DVD

The Miracle Maker - The Story of Jesus (2000) DVD
Wonderful animation and retelling of the life of Jesus.


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Biography: Jesus - His Life (1995) VHS
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From the archives of A&E's acclaimed Biography series comes this fascinating and moving look at the life of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 
Charlton Heston Presents the Bible: Jesus of Nazareth (1993)
In the beginning… before there was a written language, the stories in the Bible were told, to people sitting around a campfire in the dark, listening to the tales of what had happened and what was yet to come. Now, Academy Award winning actor Charlton Heston (Ben-Hur) recaptures all the passion, the power, the drama, and the sheer beauty those first storytellers passed on to us with his own dazzling new exploration of the greatest stories ever told.
Jesus (2000) DVD
Beginning with an adult Jesus, who works with his father as a carpenter, the program traces his life and death through resurrection. The strong supporting cast, including Jacqueline Bisset as Mary, Gary Oldman as Pontius Pilate, and Debra Messing as Mary Magdalene, lends to the credibility of the miniseries. This is a satisfying retelling of the life of Jesus and will please those who want new ways to explore biblical stories, as Jesus not only reinforces the ideals of the New Testament but shows Jesus as a complex individual.
--Jenny Brown

Where Jesus Walked VHS
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Narrator Robert Baram guides viewers through Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Nazareth with readings from the New Testament. Because the narration focuses on biblical passages, their connection to what is onscreen is not always clear in this half-hour documentary.
Jesus of Nazareth DVD
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Starring: Robert Powell, Olvia Hussey, Michael York, Sir Laurence Oliver, James Earl Jones, Anne Bancroft. An all-star cast bing to life the revered tale of the life of Jesus Christ. The story is well told, the filming location and the cast of actors are very appropriate. The bible seems to come alive through this film, and tells of His life from the Nativity on that cherished night in Bethlehem, the heart rending Crucifixion, and finally the glory of the Resurrection.
Where Jesus Walked 
(1995) VHS
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Believers in Jesus Christ will find much food for thought in this exploration of His life and deeds. Through modern documentary filming and plenty of re-creations of 2,000-year-old events, Where Jesus Walked presents the story of Judea from the time of Abraham through Christ's death at Calvary. 

7 Signs of Christ's Return (1996) VHS
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This documentary examines prophecy & history as well as current events that all signal the return of Christ to Earth. The return of the Jews to their homeland; the reunification of Europe: Could it be that these events aren't just economically and historically significant, but also spiritually important? Christian prophecy seems to posit this in 7 Signs of Christ's Return, which takes the prospects of the coming Armageddon and Apocalypse very seriously.
Jesus (1979) DVD
This film is taken right from the book of Luke which many believe to be the book of the Bible that gives the most complete and accurate picture of Jesus' life.
Last Days of Jesus VHS
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Have a better understanding of the world of Jesus Christ with this exciting documentary that sheds new light on what happened during the last days of Christ.
Who Was Jesus VHS
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2000 years ago a man changed the world with a radical message. Who was the mysterious Galilean? Narrated by Armand Assante.