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Mary & Joseph

Spiritual Movies

Mary and Joseph - A Story of Faith (1979) VHS
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Mary & Joseph: A Story of Faith is an engaging, devout and fresh look at the beloved religious figures. The Bible reveals little about them. But using what is known about the social and political issues of the era, an involving yet speculative story can be told. In it, the betrothed pair confront the iron rule of the Roman Empire, the condemnation of religious leaders, the revolutionary fervor of the zealots and more. 
Biography: Mary of Nazareth
- A Mother's Life 
(1996) VHS
From the back cover 
Though she is rarely mentioned in the Gospels, she is perhaps the most important- and most revered- woman in history. Shortly after 13-year old Mary of Nazareth became engaged to Joseph, the fate of the world changed. Inexplicably pregnant, the frightened teenager faced the possibility of being stoned to death. She endured ridicule that continued even after the birth of her Son. 
Mary, Mother of Jesus
(1999) DVD
This TV movie doesn't venture far from biblical accounts to dramatize the life of the Virgin Mary. It gets off to a promising start by showing Mary to be a resourceful and brave teenager, as she stands up to Roman soldiers who come thundering on horseback into her village. The production then proceeds chronologically, and the major events of Mary's life, and the life of Jesus, are played out in dramatic fashion. Mary is portrayed as having to face a series of struggles and tests of faith, from the time when she is terrified to meet the messenger of God who foretells the birth of the Messiah to her witnessing the brutal scene of her son's crucifixion. 
--Robert J. McNamara
Mary of Nazareth 
(1996) VHS
This docudrama relive the life and times of one of the most cherished figures in Christianity. Filmed on location in the Middle East with 110 actors and 8,500 extras, does just that, dramatizing her story from her betrothal to Joseph to her witnessing of the crucifixion of her only son. 
Holy Snakes of The Virgin Mary (1999) VHS
The subject of this video would seem to be fodder for a great piece of fiction if it weren't packed with documented audiovisual proof. On the small Greek Island of Kefalonia, each year a group of tiny, downright friendly snakes shows up at the same church and moves in for a short period of time. Even more bizarre than their mere appearance is the fact that the snakes look to have the sign of the cross on their heads and tongues. They also appear at the same time every summer- during the feast of the Virgin Mary. An investigative team probes the phenomena, talking with authorities, local residents, and some of the thousands of visitors who journey to Kefalonia each year to witness what many believe is nothing short of a miracle.
Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima (1952) VHS
A reverent exposition of the famous appearance by the Virgin Mary to a trio of Catholic children in Fatima, Portugal. The three encounter a vision of the Holy Mother, who promises them that she will soon return. The Catholic Church, fearful that the story will not be believed, tries to hush things up. But the children have been promised a miracle that will make all believe.