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Mythology & Ancient Civilizations

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth (1988) DVD
An exhilarating journey into the mind and spirit of a remarkable man, a legendary teacher, and a masterful storyteller, conducted by TV journalist Bill Moyers in the acclaimed PBS series. Includes The Hero's Adventure, The Message of the Myth, The First Storytellers, Sacrifice and Bliss, Love and the Goddess, Masks of Eternity. 
360 minutes. 
Egypt - Beyond The 
Pyramids DVD
This brand new four part series takes the viewer into the heart of Egypt to sites never before seen on film. Included here are the first-ever-filmed looks at legendary sites such as the Tomb of Ramses II, the Abydos Boat Graves, and the skeletons at Mendes. State-of-the-art archaeological equipment and cutting-edge computer technology are employed to offer a deeper, fuller analysis of artifacts and sites, thereby creating a greater understanding of the lives and civilization of the Ancient Egyptians.
Mystery of the Maya
(1998) DVD
Filmed on location at numerous sacred sites throughout Central America including the ruins at Palenque, Tikal, Tulum, Chichen Itza, Copan and Uxmal, Mystery of the Maya explores the culture, science and history of this people.
Ancient Mysteries - Myths & Legends DVD
A&E's award-winning "Ancient Mysteries" series travels the world to explore and illuminate the enigmas that continue to defy science and spark our imagination. This collection focuses on the myths and legends that are constant sources of inspiration for fantasy literature and movies, exposing what is known, what is imagined and what is pure speculation and myth. Episodes: Camelot, The Quest for the Holy Grail, Atlantis, Dragons.
The Celts - Rich Traditions & Ancient Myths
While dispelling myths to reveal the truth behind 2,500 years of history, The Celts is must-see viewing for anyone interested in this fascinating cultural heritage. --Jeff Shannon 
Ancient Civilizations: Rome and Pompeii 
Ancient Civilizations: Athens and Ancient Greece (2002)
Attila (2001) DVD
Helen of Troy (2003) DVD
The Odyssey (1997) DVD
Time-Life's Lost Civilizations
Ancient Civilizations DVD
Battle of David & Goliath/Sams
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (1990)
The Unexplained Boxed Set
Ancient Evidence: Mysteries of the Apostles (2003) 
Ancient Secrets of the Bible - Tower of Babel-Fact or Fiction?
The Living Edens - The Lost World - Venezuela's Ancient Tepuis (2003)
Secrets of the Millennium: Ancient Prophecies (1999)
Empires - The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization (2000) DVD
The Greeks built an empire that laid the foundations for modern science, politics, warfare and philosophy, and produced some of the most breathtaking art and architecture the world has ever seen. This series, narrarted by Liam Neeson, recounts the rise, glory, demise and legacy of the empire that marked the dawn of Western civilization. Using the latest advances in computer technology, the story of this astonishing civilization is told through the lives of the heroes of ancient Greece. This series combines dramatic storytelling stunning imagery, groundbreaking research and distinguished scholarship to render classical Greece gloriously alive. 
Rome-Power & Glory DVD
The series covers many of Rome's most famous, and in many cases infamous, figures, including Julius Caesar, Augustus, Nero, and Caligula. One of the series' main strengths is its coverage of all levels of Roman society, depicting the diverse strata of Roman civilization in all respects: economic, religious, geographic, and such. While providing a good general overview, Rome does not have time to make a detailed study of any one topic. The other disadvantage is a reliance on old gladiator movie footage that detracts from the seriousness of the topic. All in all, this is an excellent visual introduction to the history of the Roman Empire. --Tara Chace 
Ancient Civilizations