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Once Upon a Time in Italy - The Spaghetti Western Collection (A Bullet for the General /Companeros / Four of  the Apocalypse / Keoma / Texas Adios) 

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Open Range (2003) DVD
In the wake of territorial murder, free-grazing cowboys Boss (Robert Duvall) and Charley (Costner) seek vengeful justice against the ruthless rancher (Michael Gambon) who threatens their law-abiding survival. A feisty ally (the late Michael Jeter, in his next-to-final film role) and a doctor's sister (Annette Bening) offer support during climactic shootouts, masterfully staged with the shock and suddenness of real-life gunfire. Rich in character development and thick-hided humor, this handsome production redeemed Costner's directorial career with a well-told story (by Craig Storper, based on Lauran Paine's novel The Open Range Men), flawless performances, and stunning Canadian locations. --Jeff Shannon 
Legends of the West - 4 Movies DVD

Four Entertaining Films, Memorable Actors and Great Scenery
Lonesome Dove Collection (Lonesome Dove/Streets of Laredo/Dead Man's Walk) DVD

One Of The Best Western 
Movie Series Around!
The Clint Eastwood Gift Set (A Fistful of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) DVD

Simply Amazing!!!
John Wayne DVD Gift Set (The Shootist/ The Sons of Katie Elder/ True Grit/ El Dorado/ The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) (2000) DVD

A great collection of John Wayne's Westerns