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Kenora - Ontario

The beautiful city of Kenora (population 16,500), originally named Rat Portage, is a small city situated on the Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, close to the Manitoba boundary, about two hours drive east of Winnipeg and five hours west of Tunder Bay on the Trans canada Highway (#17). The town is the seat of Kenora District and close to the geographic centre of Canada.

The town of Kenora was amalgamated with the towns of Keewatin and Jaffray Melick in 2000 to form the present-day City of Kenora.

Diverse in its geography and culture, the city's location provides the perfect setting for year round festivals and events.

Expansive stretches of recreational shoreline and the abundant wildlife account for the popularity of the area.
Kenora's annual tourist visitations exceed 800,000 and events cover all seasons. There is such a variety of events in Kenora that everyone can find something to see and do in this wonderful and friendly community. Don't miss Harbourfront Seasonal Concerts performed weekly during the summer months. CLICK  HERE to check Kenora events calendar.

Town's symbol "Husky the Musky" that stands proudly in McLeod Park, along the Harbourfront Green Belt, has gained national prominence. Built in 1967, this favorite landmark rewards walkers with a great view of the lake. Standing 40 feet in high, the construction included one ton of steel, 36 sheets of playwood, 3,500 bolts, 700 lbs/500 square feet of fiberglass matting, countless tubes of colour pigment and many, many hours of labour.

When you are in this unique blend of unspoiled beauty of urban and likelife culture fill free to enjoy scenic splendor and outdoor activities of islands and forests on one of the world's finest freshwater lakes. With over 14,500 islands and more than 65,000 miles of shoreline, Lake of the Woods is a first-class wilderness recreation area for anglers, hunters, boaters and nature lovers.

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