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Rick Steves' Great Travel Books & Guides

For more than 30 years, he has traveled and led tours around Europe, finding and sharing the joy of simplicity and openness. Most guidebooks tell where to travel. Rick Steve's travel guides and books teaches readers how to travel so they have a far more interesting vacation, instead of just another standard tour.

Rick Steves' "back door" travel philosophy:

"The more money you spend, the bigger the wall you build between yourself and the culture you traveled so far to visit. Stay in the small inns, eat in family-style restaurants visit out-of-the-way places, rub elbows with the locals. You'll spend less money and have a great time in the process."

Steves also explains things other books ignore - such as the best day of the week to visit a museum or the proper way to eat a local delicacy. He understands most tourists have only a few days - and recommends the best ways to spend them. Most travel guidebooks tell you where to travel. His over 30 years of travel experience pay off: when everyone else is stuck in a tourist jam, he shows how to escape.

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